The Most Important Toddler and Doberman Video You’ll See Today

Doberman playing with Baby
The Doberman that bucks the stereotype of its breed by making a person giggle instead of bleed

I’m the first to admit that I am a doggie discriminator. I grew up next door to an evil German Shepherd named Tanya that barked like mad if you so much as breathed within a three-state radius of her. She was a nasty specimen that took the opportunity to bite whenever she managed to escape from her perch of her house’s front window where she barked warnings of bloody murder whenever you met her unkind gaze.

All German Shepherds are bad, as far as I’m concerned. Blame Tanya. Ditto for Dobermans. I’ve seen enough movies where Dobermans act as the viscous watchdog to know that there must be some truth to their mean reputation.

Except then I watched this video of 1-year-old Addison playing with Lily, the family dog, who happens to be a Doberman, and my cold, cold heart melted just enough for me to admit that maybe all Dobermans aren’t so bad. Too bad I can’t (and won’t) say the same for German Shepherds.

Take a look at Addison and Lily’s toddler and Doberman love/play/giggle fest and see if it changes your opinions of Doberman’s, too:

Photo & video credit: Abreuer15/YouTube

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