The Most Outrageous Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

We all remember being jealous of the rich kid in the neighborhood who had all the awesome toys. Barbie power wheels, life sized water toys, fancy bouncy houses. We’ve collected the most outrageous outdoor toys for toddlers here and gave our thumbs up or thumbs down. Plus, you’ll have to check out which one costs less than a box of diapers.  Would you ever get any of these?

  • Ford Mustang Power Wheel 1 of 9
    Ford Mustang Power Wheel
    I think we've all dreamed of driving one of these around when we were kids!
  • Giant Inflatable Twister Game 2 of 9
    Giant Inflatable Twister Game
    I can't imagine the fun would be worth the effort in inflating this giant gameboard
  • Two Headed Serpent 3 of 9
    Two Headed Serpent
    For only $20 it's a good bargain for a huge pool toy
  • Vintage Pedal Plane 4 of 9
    Vintage Pedal Plane
    Your toddler will be super disappointed whey they find out it doesn't actually fly...
  • 18 Foot Soaker Slide 5 of 9
    18 Foot Soaker Slide
    I'd so be there with my toddler if a neighbor set this up on a hot day ( as long as I don't have to set it up or pay the water bill)
  • Triple Threat Course 6 of 9
    Triple Threat Course
    Taking jumping castles to a whole new insane level
  • Zip Line 7 of 9
    Zip Line
    We actually owned of these growing up and loved it! A helmet might be a good idea here though
  • The Cute Floating Habitat 8 of 9
    The Cute Floating Habitat
    Another insane pool toy that, again, seems more work than it's worth
  • Water Soaked Hockey Rink 9 of 9
    Water Soaked Hockey Rink
    I think the mentality here is sprinklers added to any game heightens the fun


Vintage Pedal Plane $399

Inflatable Twister Game $2000

18 foot Soaking Splasher Slide $599

Two Headed Serpent $19.99

Water Soaked Knee Hockey Rink $49.95

Ford Mustang Power Wheel $289

Child Zip Line $41.86

Triple Threat Course 250 Euros

The Cube Floating Habitat $69.99

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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