The Past Two Weeks

beth anne ballance and melissa jordanOctober has flown by in a blur, hasn’t it? It’s like one morning I woke up to cooler temps and the next thing I know, Harrison’s daycare is asking me to bring a pumpkin for the Halloween festival.

Wait. Halloween?! As in…next week? I haven’t even started on his costume!  And his birthday party is this weekend!  WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!  It’s like I think I have nothing else in my life going on, you know?

Probably one of the biggest highlights of me week was finally getting to meet Melissa from Dear Baby, who’s been a blog-friend for years. We finally set aside time in our schedules for lunch, where we chatted career and motherhood and marriage and yes, even blogging. It is so good to meet with another woman who is elbow-deep in a career at the moment. It has so many challenges and rewards, but it is so good to sit across from a friend and just reassure each other that we’re doing just darn fine, thankyouverymuch.

So what else have we been up to? Some outdoor exploring and getting over being super-sick:

  • This was cool 1 of 13
    This was cool
    Yep, that's me in the Babble newsletter. It was a great way to feel like maybe what I do resonates with folks, making it so worth it.
  • Meeting a good friend 2 of 13
    Meeting a good friend
    Melissa of Dear Baby fame & a former Babble blogger & I FINALLY met up for lunch. Several years of reading each other's blogs & living in the same city, yet we just now met? Crazy!
  • Gorgeous, right? 3 of 13
    Gorgeous, right?
    The amount of natural light my new house gets is stupid-awesome. Something about fresh flowers makes a house feel more like home.
  • The week started off awesome 4 of 13
    The week started off awesome
    With a Power Wheel play date and pizza with one of his BFFs.
  • Then it went downhill 5 of 13
    Then it went downhill
    Harry ran a crazy fever for 48 hours and was diagnosed with pneumonia and hand, foot, and mouth disease. My momma heart was desperate for him to get better.
  • I had to go into work 6 of 13
    I had to go into work
    Mostly to get my VPN set up, but also to wrap up loose ends. Being in the office for 3 hours, away from my very sick boy, was one of the hardest things I've done in a long time.
  • Slow evenings 7 of 13
    Slow evenings
    On Wednesday night, I told my husband that I had no energy to cook, but refused to leave Harry's side long enough to go get something. We ordered a pizza and ate it in bed while Harry watched Lady & the Tramp.
  • One step forward, two steps back 8 of 13
    One step forward, two steps back
    We had JUST started making progress with keeping Harry in his bed but he slept with us the entire week he was sick. At first he slept in the bed with me, but once his fever dropped below 102, we moved him to his own air mattress.
  • Finally 9 of 13
    His fever broke on Friday and the angels sang HALLELUJAH! Of course, this was just in time for me to realize how I had picked up his sinus infection and cough.
  • Let them eat cake 10 of 13
    Let them eat cake
    Oh yeah, we celebrated Harrison's third birthday! This werewolf cupcake from Whole Foods was TO DIE FOR. (Ha, see what I did there?)
  • A present for momma 11 of 13
    A present for momma
    Little dude was finally feeling better and he and Daddy brought me roses. But the best part of this was sitting on our front steps, watching my boys come home to me.
  • The great oudoors 12 of 13
    The great oudoors
    Fall is my favorite time of year and now that my little buddy is better, we've been spending every night outside. We explored a nature trail on Wednesday.
  • And just to get you in the Halloween spirit 13 of 13
    And just to get you in the Halloween spirit
    A little Blair Witch action. BOO!


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