The Quadruple Lovey Limbo

Sounds kind of dirty right? Quadruple lovey?

What I’m referring to is Vivi’s bunny, a JellyCat stuffy in a color made exclusively for Anthropologie. Eleven months pregnant and desperate to get out of the house I went shopping with some friends, since I couldn’t fit into any of the clothes I wandered around the home section. There was a crate full of the softest little bunnies you ever did snuggle and I decided that since I hadn’t really bought anything specifically for Vivi from me and she was going to be born in the year of the Rabbit, the bunny would be perfect.

I also secretly hoped that she’d take to the bunny as her lovely, because damn, was it cute.

Fast forward 18 months later? That bunny goes everywhere with us, and like bunnies do, has multiplied through great effort.

Addie’s lovely is named woobie and it’s a piece of soft purple minky fabric with a bunch of velvet ribbons sewn into the edges. It’s crude, oddly shaped, and she’s slept with it almost every night since she was 6 months old. It used to go everywhere with us, it’s been left on a plane, left in other states, thrown out the car window, dropped at the mall and barfed on. Woobie has been through a lot and we’ve guarded woobie with our lives, he’s completely non replaceable considering I made him seven years ago with nary a thought to what would happen if woobie went missing.

Being a super smart and experienced mom, as soon as Vivi took to bunny as her lovey (YESSSS!) I set out to procure another. At $18 a bunny it’s not like we could go buying out the store of bunnies. I figured two would be enough, we began rotating them out every two weeks to keep them all equally stinky and crusty and so far it’s worked fantastically well. But when Vivi began chewing chunks of fur off of one bunny we realized maybe two wasn’t enough.

new bunny left, loved bunny right

So began the great bunny hunt of 2012.

Two bunnies were located at an Anthro in Omaha and shipped to us where they went into rotation and took their turn being chewed on, thrown and choked.

Bunny is as much a part of our family as our cats, while I hope nothing ever happens to a single one of our four bunnies, it’s comforting to know we have plenty of them, just in case. (I’ve searched for loveys on ebay for friends, it’s exhausting and those people KNOW they can get a bunch more money out of you when it’s your kid’s happiness and well being at stake.)

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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