The Readers Reply: What is YOUR Favorite Part of Parenting a Toddler?

Your favorite?

Parenting toddlers is a lot like riding a bike. It isn’t always going to be fun, and sometimes we are going to fall down right on our faces and get hurt.

But then there are the amazing times that we are peddling and peddling and it is just so extremely rewarding. I have to say with three children and one passing through the toddler stage into childhood (or whatever you would like to call it), I find toddlerhood to be the most challenging. Of course I am sure I will change my tone once the teen years come!

And if my kids are anything like myself or my husband when WE were teens I will for sure be changing my tone, big time!

So this week when I was hanging with my almost-3-year-old son, I started to think about some of the most rewarding moments of parenting him. Of course I have done posts in the past of what I love about my toddler but I wanted to know what other parents love about theirs.

What are the moments that touch your lives the most as a mom or dad of a toddler?

  • Fun, Silly & Active 1 of 5
    Fun, Silly & Active
    If toddlers are anything those three words describe them perfectly! Fun, silly, active... very active. They are just a blast to play with and help to bring you back to your own youth!
    Nicole loves this most about her toddler!
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  • How Random They Are! 2 of 5
    How Random They Are!
    Who doesn't love the hysterically random things our toddlers do? I know some days I can just laugh and laugh at my toddler because he is so out of the blue! Katrina said she loves how absolutely random her toddler is!
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  • They Mimic! 3 of 5
    They Mimic!
    Corey chimed in sharing about her niece she helped raise before having her own children. They are great at getting them to do anything you want or say anything you want them to say! A "dicatbird" as she said!
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  • Their Tight Hugs 4 of 5
    Their Tight Hugs
    Nothing is better than a big tight hug from your toddler. Nothing! I totally agree with Heather who added this one onto the list! Any time my toddler comes to give me a hug I just melt!
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  • Only One? 5 of 5
    Only One?
    Wait? We are supposed to have only ONE thing we love the most about parenting a toddler? Mary and I agree on this one... how can you just pick one?
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