The Readers Respond: The Fabulously Ridiculous Nicknames We Give Our Kids

 ï»¿Hello, my name is Bo or at least that’s what my parental units call me.

What began as Bo-Bo has evolved to Bo and I couldn’t tell you what it means or why. I don’t even think my parents know why and yet the name has managed to transcend my childhood and elements of time and space. At 35 years old, I think it’s safe to bet that Bo is here to stay.

Nicknames are personal little terms of endearment we bestow on our kiddies and lovies that say, “Hey, what we’ve got here is a bond so special that I can pretty much call you whatever I feel like.” I have about a million silly little nicknames for my kids, some are ridiculous nonsensical variations of their birth names and others just spill out of my mouth as a colorful potpourri of vowels and consonants. The nicknames that get the most play in my household include, but are not limited to: Sugar Plum, Booshie and Bubs. Yes, someday I will have two strapping young men towering over me who I will still refer to as Sugar Plum and Booshie.

I asked you fine Babble readers (as I so often do) what fabulously ridiculous nicknames you’ve given your kids. Check out your awesome replies:

“I called my son “Booger” while he was an infant. His infant room teacher called her son that too!” via Maria Selke

“Dub, short for W, short for Wooshie, long for Woosh – the sound her heartbeat made at our very first appt” via @HelenaVanVoorst

“Our son William is Dill Pickle and our daughter Jessie is The Kookabun. No idea why.” via Katherine Ozment

“The best one I can think of: baby daughter’s name is Katherine, but her older brother and sister call her NayNay” via @LisaAJKl

“When I was preggo we had great nicknames..Marv Lowenstein for the oldest.” via @Momma23Monkeys

“Our two girls are known as The Monster and the Evil Genius/Death Wish. All highly appropriate” via Cheryl Arkison

“I call my son “monster butt” and “booger britches” and I really don’t know why.” via Miranda Hicks

“Monkey noodle” via Betty Bake

“Scoochy, Stink-a-potumus (when dirty); Peanut Chew” via @Tantell

“A friend of mine calls his kid westinghouse cause his so big” via The Lean Thinking Company

“My oldest wears glasses & I lovingly call him 4 eyes. My youngest, a girl, has the nickname Steve.” via Natalie C.

“Tunabonne, a cross between a tuna fish and a Cinnabon. Pretty funky, eh?” via Jen Erickson

“We’ve always called our little girl Beast or Beastie. We get funny looks but it suits her!” via Ceri Marsh

“Petunia for my older son and Twinkletoes for my daughter.” via Stephanie Bernaba

“Sugarbutt. 🙂 I only started that one because he wasn’t paying attention to me. So when I said “hey Sugarbutt,” he looked at me and laughed. So I kept it.” via Patsy Prough

“We call all of our kids by their middle names. So many people are confused by this. We’ve confused our pediatrician and teachers thoroughly. While we love it, our kids are destined to a lifetime of correcting everyone as to what they prefer to be called.” via Mandy P.

”I secretly call him the name that everyone snubbed when we were pregnant and thinking of baby names: Rocky” via Abigail

“My youngest’s son’s name is Landry, but we call him Ldawg. When I was breastfeeding, he would remind me of a pitbull, so I started calling him Ldawg! Now everyone does, I just don’t tell them why we call him that.” via Jennifer

“Our oldest boy was confused as to what his name really was even until he started Kinder! We call him “Boudreau”. (honestly – I have no idea why.) There are several versions to the why – but I can’t remember which is the real reason! Our youngest has earned himself the name “Preacher-man” – bestowed upon him by “Boudreau”!” via Rebecca Crenshaw

“BeConChel – My daughter’s names are Beka, Connie and Chelsea but I often couldn’t remember which daughter I was suppose to be calling out to so I started combining their names into one name that meant it just didn’t matter, they all were needed for one reason or another.” via Marty Coleman

“Gretty Girl and Iggles the Biggles – from Greta and Ingrid.” via Missy

“I call my youngest “Biddy Beat {because he was always banged on his drums when he was a baby and it just rolls off the tongue} & Little B {because he is tiny}.” via Tina 

Now it’s your turn! What fabulously ridiculous nicknames have you given your kid(s)?

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