The Readers Respond: Why Did You Switch to Cloth?

We started cloth in Toddlerhood

When I first started cloth diapering, my son was a toddler. I had given cloth diapering a poor excuse for a go when I had my oldest son but with a hand full of diapers and absolutely no education on how to use them — it ended quick.

When my middle son Benjamin was a little over a year old I worked out an awesome deal with AppleCheeks cloth diapers to help me switch him over to cloth since he was the only one left in diapers.

Even though I have had a couple bumps in the road it has been mostly smooth sailing since.

We really switched over to cloth diapers because of money at the time. My husband had finally returned to work after being laid off for a lengthy time (thank you booming economy!) only to have to take a large pay cut. Saying that money was tight would have been an understatement.

As time went on we worked back onto our feet and eventually DH moved into a new more comfortable job – but that is a story for another day.

Now we are just into the swing of cloth diapering and with a second child in diapers now, a little girl who will be joining Toddler Times here in a couple months after her birthday, I am just hooked. I have all kinds, patterns and just think they are the cutest thing ever.

Although the money aspect of it has kind of gone out the window because I am kind of a junkie when it comes to deals on cloth diapers. I am pretty sure I am one Kelly Closet order away from my husband fitting me for cement shoes, or taking my credit cards.

A couple days ago I asked my readers to reply with why they switched to cloth diapers and I loved all the different replies I got! It is really neat to see all the differences in people, opinions and of course reasoning.

  • The Smell of Disposable Diapers 1 of 7
    The Smell of Disposable Diapers
    Reader Caitlin S. Said:
    "Smell of disposables makes me nauseous."
    I would consider that a pretty valid reason to make the switch... right?
    Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • Two in Diapers! 2 of 7
    Two in Diapers!
    Reader Kelly T. had twins and couldn't afford to keep up with the cost of disposable diapers for two kids, so she invested in cloth diapers and cut her diaper bill!
    Photo credit: Kelly Wels, Author - Changing Diapers
  • The Cost Factor 3 of 7
    The Cost Factor
    Reader Marie D expressed her reason for the switch to be money and of course how cute cloth diapers are.
    The fact is diapering one child in disposable diapers till they are potty trained averages about $2000 for "off label" brand diapers and about $3000 if you want premium or an organic variety.
    A set of really high end cloth diapers will run you about $400-$500 and right there you can already see the initial savings!
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  • The Chemicals 4 of 7
    The Chemicals
    Amanda M. said she was concerned about some of the chemicals that are put into disposable diapers and of course the cost!
    Some of the chemicals included in disposable diapers include dioxin and that nasty absorbent gel material that is inside the diaper.
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  • The Cuteness! 5 of 7
    The Cuteness!
    There is nothing cuter than a toddler walking around or learning how to walk with a fluffy butt with an adorable pattern on it.
    Many of the readers cited the cuteness factor for their switch and I know that was one of the deciding factors for us!
    Thanks to Judy C. for being the first to admit it was cuteness!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • The Environmental Impact 6 of 7
    The Environmental Impact
    Rebecca W. started cloth diapering out of her concern for the environment!
    The average child will go through roughly 5,000 diapers in their lifetime, all of which are heading to a landfill near you!
    The United States uses 25 BILLION disposable diapers a year... and it takes a long time for those diapers to break down!
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  • Less Diaper Rashes 7 of 7
    Less Diaper Rashes
    Katrina F brought up a good point that I really didn't notice until now!
    Most diapered kids, babies and toddlers will have less diaper rashes in cloth diapers!
    Out of the time we have been cloth diapering my toddler who has been in cloth for about 18 months now still has yet to have a diaper rash while using cloth diapers.
    And our youngest got her FIRST diaper rash with cloth yesterday.
    Photo credit: Kelly Wels, Author - Changing Diapers

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