The Reading Times of A & W: Picks of The Week

As it would happen, my kids are still loving books.

Here’s what Wyndham and Abby have been going bonkers for the past couple of weeks…

  • Happy Halloween Little Critter! 1 of 10
    Happy Halloween Little Critter!
    Given our young lad lost his toddler mind last year on Halloween, we've decided to prep things up around here with books and easy crafts. Tonight I'm even making sweet potato 'jack-o-lantern' fries. Maybe a little bit of all this Halloweeny business is for me too. And whut. Also? Wyndham loves the flap action and revealing the friendly critter behind each spooky costume.
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  • Baby Beluga 2 of 10
    Baby Beluga
    Raffi is still large and in charge when it comes to entertaining and teaching children. The dude is also brilliant. Google his Tedx Talk and check out his organization The Centre For Child Honouring.
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  • Are You My Mother? 3 of 10
    Are You My Mother?
    This one has been a long-time favourite of Wyndham's that he brings back into the rotation every couple of months or so. This is a sweet classic from when I was a kid and I love reading it so him every. Single. Time.
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  • Good-Night, Owl! 4 of 10
    Good-Night, Owl!
    A gorgeously illustrated book that Wyndham and Abby are both equally enamoured with right now.
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  • Can You See What I See? Toyland Express: 5 of 10
    Can You See What I See? Toyland Express:
    This book is currently Wyndham's toddler crack. He loves trying to find everything as each page turns and obviously has eyes as large as saucers for all of the toys, trains and cars.
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  • The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse 6 of 10
    The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse
    We all know about Eric Carle and that Hungry Caterpillar book. Which has had it's time around here. We've now moved on to this fantastically vivid book. Wyndham has it nearly memorized and enjoys 'reading' choice parts to his sister along with us. Abby has taken to making all of the animal noises. These kids I swear. Driving me batty one minute and then killing with the cute the next.
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  • The Fire Station 7 of 10
    The Fire Station
    Anything to do with firetrucks and it's game-on for Wyndham. We love reading this to Wyndham because Munsch rules at incorporating some adult humour in his books for us parents who read the same story over, and over, and OVER again.
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  • Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb 8 of 10
    Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb
    Abby is fascinated with body parts and trying to pronounce their names. This book is best read by the mister in a slightly crazed voice as he sees fit to do those wild monkeys justice. Yes, we are nerds. What of it?
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  • Magic Story-Box 9 of 10
    Magic Story-Box
    I found this at the Goodwill over a year ago, knowing the bright, retro illustrations and quirky, imaginative stories would be loved one day.
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  • Olivia 10 of 10
    Abby loves this adorable little pig. In fact, she has a thing for pigs in general we're starting to notice. 2 plush toys that can't ever be far away and now this book. Little Miss fashionista (Abby), also loves watching the outfits that Olivia tries on and prances around in. When Olivia gets in trouble, she rounds out her mouth and looks at me with big eyes saying, "uh, oh..."
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