The Real Lovie Attachment Happens Now

teddy bear
A Bear of importance.

Saturday night we had a big milestone in our family. My oldest, who is 3.92 years old, had his first sleepover ever. It was at his cousins’ apartment, a lengthy one mile away from my parents’ apartment in New York City.

This was a really big deal, since he went alone (not with Fuzz), although he was very comfortable with his aunt, uncle and cousins.
Armed with pajamas, toothbrush, clothes for the next day and of course, Brown Bear, we headed to their house for dinner, where I would leave him overnight. He showed no signs of being sad at all, until Fuzz and I were leaving, but even that was barely a whimper.

The report the next day was good. He slept in the bed with his 5-year-old cousin (you know, this one), and only woke up once, but by the time she got her parents to deal with it, he had fallen back to sleep. He did successfully kick her in the face a couple of times, though. (Welcome to my world).

When I called the next morning, he said “Mommy don’t pick me up because I didn’t eat breakfast yet.”

Okay, dude. No problem.

I went to get him at 10am and we made our way back home. Only after dinner did we realize:

We left Brown Bear at their apartment.

As I said, they live but a mile away. However, a mile there and back in the city can be a costly and time-consuming affair (at least $20 round trip by taxi, the shortest route). I made the executive decision that we would do without Brown Bear for one night.

The tears! Oh, the tears!!

I haven’t seen tears like those since ’63.

So, no tears without me, but when Brown Bear is missing, it’s Niagara Falls.

In all seriousness, although he has definitely formed an attachment to Brown Bear, he has often slept without him, leaving him in the living room to fend for himself with the trains and airplanes. I was surprised that he was so upset when he wasn’t around.
However, I think his affections for BB have grown over the past month partially because we’re away from home right now. In fact, I considered leaving him home until Shnook said to me out of nowhere when we were packing:

“I think I’m going to bring Brown Bear to Vermont because I don’t have any Teddy Bears there.”

That was almost enough to get me to buy Brown Bear his own seat on the plane.
Okay, not quite, but we worked very hard at squishing this rather large, travel-unfriendly bear into Shook’s carry-on.

Shnook finally fell asleep in my arms, after a round of relaxation and songs. On a good note, it was the earliest he fell asleep since we got here last Tuesday, and we were reunited with Brown Bear yesterday. He seemed to have a good time without us.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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