The Return of the Big Girl Montessori Floor Bed

The Return of the Big Girl Floor BedThose of you have been following my parenthood journey for awhile now may recall the days of the floor bed. In case you don’t, here’s a quick run down.

Fern never had a crib. From the time she was a month-and-a-half old she slept on a mattress on the floor (AKA a Montessori floor bed) which may seem strange to some here, but it is a something other cultures all over the world do. People thought we were nuts, but it worked for us…that is until Fern was about 10 months old.

Around that time, she got a pretty bad cold and due to all of her congestion and breathing issues, she kept getting up all night long. No sleep is definitely not a good thing when your body is trying to fight off illness, so we broke out her pack ‘n play and she slept like a baby. (You know, like those hypothetical babies that are supposed to sleep really well.) Once she was all better within about a week, we packed up the play yard and it was back to the floor bed, but she just wasn’t having it. She cried and cried after I would rock her and lay her down at night and she would get up non-stop to bang on her door and cry.

After a couple weeks of this, I came to the conclusion that I was pushing something that just wasn’t working. I loved the idea of the floor bed, but I knew I needed to do what Fern needed and she was telling me that she needed the boundaries of a confined sleep area. I knew this to be true, because the minute we’d put her to sleep in the pack ‘n play she would stop crying and curl up to sleep almost instantaneously. So, it was good bye floor bed, hello play yard.

But, then this weekend while I was out of town, my husband decided to bring it back. Fern is 15 months old now, so he thought she might be ready to give it another go. And he was right…sort of. She started out sleeping on her floor bed, but after we left, she relocated herself to her teepee and she has done this two nights in a row and slept the entire night there. I can’t say I blame her – it really is quite cozy in there. I wanted to create a calm and quiet space for her to relax in her room, so I laid out blankets and pillows and a little basket of books inside the teepee and apparently it had an even more calming effect than I anticipated.

I don’t mind if she sleeps in her teepee though. Honestly, I think it’s pretty adorable and I secretly hope she keeps doing it, because it totally melts my heart.

Have any of your little ones ever slept in a strange place? If so, where?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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