The Road to The Baby Bowl

My husband is a huge football fan. In particular, a Giants fan. Let’s just say he is more than a little bit excited about the Giants still being in the play-offs.

But Mike is no longer content with his own excitement. He is determined to make my two-year-old daughter excited about football as well by feeding her lingo, quizzing her about the game and calling her new Giants t-shirt— “her favorite”.

I get it. Mike is creating a live-in football buddy since he most certainly didn’t find one in ME. I believe his ultimate goal is for the two of them to overrule me, if (GOD FORBID!) I ever feel like doing a family activity on a Sunday afternoon during football season that doesn’t involve parking myself in front of a television.

It is with Mike and Mazzy in mind that I created “The Baby Bowl”.

Basically, for the past couple of weeks, people have been uploading pictures of their kids on the wall of the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage dressed in their favorite NFL football team’s gear. I currently have over 100 photos entered and I will accept new entries up until February 4th, the day before the Super Bowl.

On February 5th, I am going to select four photos to pit against each other for the Baby Bowl. All photos will be selected based on number of facebook “likes.” One competition will be between the two photos with the most “likes” that represent the two teams in the Super Bowl. The other competition will be between the two photos with the most “likes”, regardless of team. Winners will be decided by vote on my blog, Mommy Shorts. Both winners will receive a toddler-sized Official NFL Jersey from the team of their choosing.

Below are 20 of the contestants. Mazzy, of course, is ineligible. But even I have to admit that she looks mighty cute in her Giants t-shirt.

  • Paige and Jane for the Steelers 1 of 21
    Paige and Jane for the Steelers
    Maybe if these two played, the Steelers would have had a better shot at winning.
  • Isabel for the Bears 2 of 21
    Isabel for the Bears
    No game is complete without a little Jerky.
  • Leland for the Chiefs 3 of 21
    Leland for the Chiefs
    Or against them. I'm not sure.
  • The Patriots Cheerleading Squad 4 of 21
    The Patriots Cheerleading Squad
    The baby is perfect for the top of the pyramid.
  • Michael & Ryan for the Giants 5 of 21
    Michael & Ryan for the Giants
    My husband says Mazzy is allowed to date either one.
  • Ainsley & Freddie for the Redskins 6 of 21
    Ainsley & Freddie for the Redskins
    Cuteness wins every time.
  • Brady for the Chiefs 7 of 21
    Brady for the Chiefs
    Did you know you could root for a team in your sleep?
  • Sarah for the Ravens 8 of 21
    Sarah for the Ravens
    Who says football and fashion can't work together?
  • Maya for the Denver Broncos 9 of 21
    Maya for the Denver Broncos
    The worst attempt at Tebowing ever seen.
  • Drake for the Packers 10 of 21
    Drake for the Packers
    No need for college, his future has been decided.
  • Jackson for the Saints 11 of 21
    Jackson for the Saints
    Right after I learn to lift my head.
  • Savannah Grace for the Falcons 12 of 21
    Savannah Grace for the Falcons
    Voted "Most High Maintenance Fan"
  • Ryelin for the Packers 13 of 21
    Ryelin for the Packers
    The only way anyone can hear the game...
  • Finley for the Steelers 14 of 21
    Finley for the Steelers
    Someone sit me up so I can see the game, please!
  • Autumn for the 49ers 15 of 21
    Autumn for the 49ers
    Let's win this thing!!!
  • Beau for the Cowboys 16 of 21
    Beau for the Cowboys
    Lifelong Fan
  • Katelyn for the 49ers 17 of 21
    Katelyn for the 49ers
    Someone needs a chair upgrade and it's not Katelyn.
  • Aaron for the Saints 18 of 21
    Aaron for the Saints
    Don't shout "Who Dey!" or else Aaron will get PISSED.
  • Killarney for the Bengals 19 of 21
    Killarney for the Bengals
    The headpiece is designed to distract the other team.
  • Gillian & Colin for the Steelers 20 of 21
    Gillian & Colin for the Steelers
    Cuteness eases the pain of losing.
  • image-110 21 of 21
    Winner decided on February 5th!

To enter, go to the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage and upload a picture of your kid on the wall. Make sure to include their first name. You can also go to The Road to the Baby Bowl album and “like” your favorites to give them a better shot at the win.

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