The Sippy Cup of Doom

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Who thought parenting a toddler would be so much damn work?  What about parenting two toddlers at one time?  Yeah… leaves my head spinning daily.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about our increase in temper tantrums in our oldest son. And just when I thought we had it all under control and the tantrums had started to phase out… they came back with vengeance.

I thought I had everything under control, until today when I was driving and my almost four-year-old hurled a sippy cup through my mini-van right into the center console between the two front seats. Had he hit me, while I was driving it could have caused a serious accident.

What if it had hit my almost 5-month-old who sits directly behind me?  What if that cup got stuck under my peddles? A lot of what if’s right?  What if’s a mother never wants to think about, or wonder the end result of.

Why am I even bringing this up?  To share that I am a complete failure as a mother?  Of course not, because all moms have difficult patches with their children.  I am bringing this up to really follow up on parenting advice I got about a toddler throwing temper tantrums.

I was always told by other parents… ignore it… it will go away when they don’t get the attention they are looking for, which in this case would be a hefty load of negative attention.  Time out’s are not attention a parent wants to give. I promise that!

Now that I am looking down the barrel of a gun that could shoot at any moment in the form of a toddler who could grow to have behavioral issues, learning issues, and things that will impact him for life, I need to do something more to address the behavior which seems to only be getting worse, not better.

Parenting advice I am glad I ditched?  Ignore the behavior, it will go away…

Parents… chime in!  How do you deal with it?
What works best for your toddler?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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