The Sledding Toddler Workout: Guaranteed to Make You Nap

sledding toddlerIndiana isn’t known for it’s super reliable weather patterns, I’ve learned to just roll with it and dress in lots of layers. It goes a little something like this: if you buy a sled, snow pants and snow boots the chance of snow is 0.05%. If you have ill fitting snow pants, no snow boots and no real sled or ice scraper to speak of — chance of snow is 100%. Today the stars aligned and everyone had snow clothing that fit (bless that Vivi can now fit into Addie’s old stuff and Addie hasn’t outgrown the stuff I bought last year (you know, the year it never snowed?)) I even had a sled, one I bought over 4 years ago JUST IN CASE.

We spent most of the morning getting ourselves into our snow clothes only to realize that not only is was it super snowy outside, it was super windy as well. Wind + Snow in the Midwest = Windchills that will bite your face off. BUT WE REFUSED TO BACK DOWN! We tried shoveling only to have the wind cover the driveway 6 minutes later, then we tried sledding in the backyard. I learned today that my backyard a wind tunnel of cold terror on days like today.

“Can we go sledding at the park?” Addie asked.

Hell, we were already dressed in 6 layers — LET’S GO SLEDDING AT THE PARK! CARPE DIEM!

The park was slightly less windy, the snow was plentiful but we only had one sled (one that apparently never worked, or stopped working in the 4 years it has sat unused in the garage?) Did that stop us? NO! Addie fared just fine — she’s big enough to handle herself and aside from letting the sled slide down without her twice, she said today was the most fun she’s ever had in winter. Vivi’s little legs and enormous snow boots on the other hand were no match for steep hills, deep powdery snow and drifts as tall as she was.

Which means I became her mode of transportation.

If you’re at all familiar with sledding you’ll know that getting down is the easy part, Vivi only needed help with uphill transportation.

Seven times.

As much fun as it was to make it farther and farther each time we went down the hill as each subsequent run packed the snow down better — I began to dig my heels in right at the bottom of the hill. Smug little kids would race past me with their snow saucers and be flying back down the hill before I was even halfway up. The hill was slippery which meant I had to go at it with my feet in a full turn-out. With a borrowed inner tube around my body like a sash and a freezing cold toddler clinging to me my buns turned to very chilly steel very quickly.

“Can we are going again?” She’d ask every time we’d make it to the top, of course can we are going again, baby. Finally when I noticed part of her face was turning blue I called it quits on sledding.

As exhausted as we all were by the time we got home (Vivi thawed just fine as soon as we were in the car) I realized the crazy cross-fit training I had just done on the hill was way more fun that the 102 lame laps I swam at the pool the day before. Now that I’ve had time to sit down and relax? I can feel my butt cheeks, arms and hips reminding me of just how much I did today and I don’t regret missing the gym one bit. Happiness is a sledding toddler.

Next time my doctor says taking care of children doesn’t count as working out I’m going to shove her down a snowy hill with a big sack of potatoes and say “OH REALLY?”


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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