The Story Of A Stubborn Three-Year-Old With An Elephant Brain

An elephant and a 3 year-old never forget.

Back in February when I went on my tirade about light-up shoes,  I didn’t tell you that the conversation in that post happened way back in November.

I thought by now, the Shnook would forget all about light-up shoes.

But no, he hasn’t. Almost every day, if not multiple times a day, he asks for light-up shoes. SINCE NOVEMBER.

The kid is persistent, which is a very good quality…in an adult.

He knew, if he kept at it, he would get what he wanted. In the last several weeks he has chipped away at me like a little Michelangelo, until I finally gave in. But he had to work for it.

Shnook, being almost 4, is still prone to some ill-behaved moments. Heck, he’s probably just beginning, if what I’ve heard about 4 is true.  While his tantrums are fewer and farther between, his attitude has taken a bit of a nosedive. I’ve been trying to check some rude behavior for months now. Luckily,  it seems to be around family and close friends, I’ve heard from his teachers that’s he’s very respectful.

I’ve been trying every which way to turn his behavior around with limited success. I finally decided to try a sticker reward system that would result in light-up shoes if he earned them. My time frame was just one weekend since he’d already waited 6 months for these damn shoes. I figured it was torture to make him wait longer than that.

I can’t say it went perfectly. It started out a little rockier than I would’ve hoped, with him earning a sticker early on (to motivate him) and then immediately turning around and wacking his brother. It smoothed out towards the middle but by Sunday night when he still had one sticker left to earn, that little stinker took it upon himself to climb on the stool and get the stickers from the top of the refrigerator and apply one himself!

“Mommy, look! Six stickers! I get my Light-up Shoes!”

This was not a scenario for which I had planned.

There was a lot of back and forth after that but finally he earned his last one. As if it wasn’t enough a gut-punch that I was finally giving in, I almost succeeded in convincing him that these were the coolest and best ones to buy…

…until he saw these:

favorite characters
toy story light-up shoes

At least they’ll only be summer shoes.

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