The Stupidest Way to Calm a Toddler with a Bleeding Finger

Sometimes during your life as a mom you are thrown tasks and your toddler throws crazy right back at you. The only way to combat crazy is with stupid, so let me introduce you to the stupidest way to calm a toddler with a bleeding finger. I like to call these creative parenting tricks like this one, mom hacks.

We recently got back from our family roadtrip to Nashville and well, the house was chaos. As I was cooking, our 3-year-old Izaiah runs in, his finger gushing with blood. While the cut wasn’t deep, the wound looked like he attempted to staple his finger. This is my kid. I never know what he is going to do.

I washed his finger, tried to bandage it, and he was just NOT having it. I continued to cook. 5 minutes later, my 10-year-old, not knowing that Izaiah had cut himself is screaming that he is covered in blood. Her definition of covered was a wee bit dramatic, but yes—he did have smeared blood on his clothes due to the bandage that he had pulled off.

I decided to go into mom mode and figure out how to get him to keep pressure on his finger without wigging out. My solution? Probably not a solution you would find on any medical site, but people I tell you that this worked! It looked stupid, my husband gave me a WTH look.


  • The Stupidest Way to Calm a Toddler with a Bleeding Finger 1 of 6

    Sometime being a mom requires doing very stupid things. For example, the next slides reveal how I calmed my toddler AND stopped a cut that was bleeding on his finger. Check out this mom hack.

  • Get Foil 2 of 6

    Get a roll of foil, apologies for the blurry photo.

  • Packaging Tape 3 of 6
    packaging tape

    Next, you will need packaging tape. Duct tape or lots of scotch tape would work just the same.

  • Paper Towels 4 of 6
    paper towels

    And you will need paper towels...

  • How to Stop Bleeding 5 of 6
    cover and tape

    Start with the paper towel, wrap the cut and tape.  Next, cover your toddler's hand with foil. Tape on the foil is optional. Yes, the hand will resemble a wrapped chicken leg or perhaps a boxing glove.

  • Happy Toddler 6 of 6
    happy toddler

    Yay! Happy toddler, finger that is not bleeding everywhere - MOM WINS! Yes, stupid. But in parenting, you have to do whatever works, even if it requires wrapping your toddler's hand in foil.

And as I said before… STUPID. It worked, Mom wins and the toddler is happy.

Side note: This was a minor cut. Don’t consider this medical advice. If your toddler is bleeding and you don’t know what to do – please call a doctor!

What is your favorite stupid Mom hack?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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