The Things These Toddlers Say! 1st Edition

Yea, Why?Long since I’ve been friends with children, and now as a mother, I have admired their innate ability to harness the power of their imagination. Their fearless observations and uninhibited ability to speak freely and speak often, mingling fantasy with lore. They mesh our reality with their own versions of reality.

Observations as they see them, like nothing we could dream up if we tried.

Their sweetness and their most often amusing way of expressing themselves is something to be admired. We can learn from these little people. Not always. But more often than you might think.

The one thing that is a guarantee: when a toddler shares daily nuggets of wisdom with you, it is a good time. Amidst the melt-downs, the sauce, the constant questioning of why … our children come up with some real gems.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this, which spawned the idea from one of my lovely editors to do this very piece. The submissions I have received run the gamut. I was most touched by my mid-wife friend Carolyn Sinclair. She chose to share some select journal entries from her mother who passed on last year. Her mother, Margaret Sinclair, had published a book — a collection of quotes she had meticulously journaled over the years from when Carolyn and her brothers were children. When she died, she left Carolyn and her family 500 pages of memories and dozens of amazing slide-shows.

From Carolyn’s email, “These are such incredible keepsakes, and are now the things I turn to so that Ben (Carolyn’s baby boy), can have a glimpse of the woman she was. My mom really gave me something to aspire to. I now encourage all of my friends to document these things because you think you will remember every funny, adorable and ridiculous thing they say and do, but memories fade over time. It’s so nice for others to be able to enjoy them.

I will be forever grateful to my mom for her writing. I can hear her voice so clearly in it, and some days that’s exactly what I need.”

Introducing – Toddler Speak: 1st Edition…

  • Kitty Love 1 of 18
    Kitty Love
    Gabe to his cat ..."ooooh lovely kitty, you're so silly and soft, soft like a pillow, a pillow wif feeeeeeet."

    Gabe's mama Emily, blogs delicious, gluten-free food brilliance on Life: a Study and more recently began to journal her own children's comedic brilliance over at My Kids Should Work In Comedy.
  • Grumpy Fairy 2 of 18
    Grumpy Fairy
    Fae wisdom. "I don't want to be a grown up lady cause they have tickley hair on their ‘ginas and armpips but aren't allowed to laugh"

    Read more of Bea's (and her twin brother Gabe's) verbal antics over at My Kids Should Work In Comedy
  • All Fish Go To Heaven 3 of 18
    All Fish Go To Heaven
    My daughter Logan was given some fish for her 4th birthday, much to my surprise. She loved them, so we kept them. One morning, one poor fish 'Hannah Montana' was afloat. Logan cried so much for poor Hannah that I promised her a full fishy funeral. She informed me that "just like with people, we need to invite friends and family to come to the funeral".

    At the funeral, I asked my son Nico if he had any kind words "She was the bestest fish ever" followed by, "can we get a cat?" Logan was very sad and full of tears. This was a very dramatic loss. When I got her to take some breaths and calm a bit she slowly poured the bowl of water out, letting her poor Hannah, rest in peace.

    Waving as the water took her away she whispered, "Bye Hannah, you were a good fish". Turning to me she asks, "Where do fishes go when they die?" A better place Logan, I tell her. "What better place?" Your fishy has gone to heaven honey. Looking at me and then looking to the toilet, she reaches her arm toward the toilet tank, turns her head and looks back at me, wide-eyed.

    "Mommy, is this Heaven?" Trying so hard not to laugh I said, "No honey, that's the toilet tank."

    Shared by an old friend of mine from high school, Jessie Proulx Mandley
  • Franglais Toddler 4 of 18
    Franglais Toddler
    Whenever young Flora from Montreal gets her little brother to stop crying (by mega kiss overload), she declares proudly, "Mom! il pas cry!"

    Flora's mama, Sandy, is just as entertaining over on her blog: Moon & Sparrow
  • More of The Franglais 5 of 18
    More of The Franglais
    Instead of can you open it, Flora has taken to asking, "Mom, peux-tu l'open it pour moi?"(To open anything!)

    You can find beautiful illustrations, patterns and paper goods as inspired by Flora and her newborn brother Lennon at: Moon & Sparrow
  • The 3 Bears 6 of 18
    The 3 Bears
    Our very own Ilana's two-year-old daughter, Mazzy, saw a family of bears (mom, dad, and baby). She said, "Look! It's a Mommy Bear, a Daddy Bear and a Mazzy Bear!"

    Read more from Ilana here on: Toddler Times

    Have you found Ilana's personal blog? Mommy Shorts? (You should. Based on the title alone).
  • Too Many Elbows 7 of 18
    Too Many Elbows
    September 14, 1981, Brian Age 2. Brian was touching his ankle. He said, "Look mom! Another elbow!"

    Written by Margaret Sinclair, Illustrations by: Jonathan Davis
  • Shaving Cream Rations 8 of 18
    Shaving Cream Rations
    January 1979, Doug Age 4.

    Written by Margaret Sinclair, Illustrations by: Jonathan Davis
  • Who Believes In Superheros? 9 of 18
    Who Believes In Superheros?
    April 1980, Frank At Nearly 4 Years Old. Frank was talking to a man in the doctor's waiting room. Frankie had on his Batman cape and was telling the man all about Batman. The man was stringing him along. When we got out to the street he looked at his mommy in an amused was and said, "Dat silly man! He thought I could fly!"

    Written by Margaret Sinclair, Illustrations by: Jonathan Davis
  • Dotty’s Ballerina Duty 10 of 18
    Dotty's Ballerina Duty
    "First I needa do my homework. Do Bawwareenas haff homework? Do Bawwareenas take deir shoes off when dey do deir homework? Ok. I'm gonna take my shoes off den."

    Dotty's mama Jenny, blogs delightfully over at: Frecklewonder
  • Dotty’s Animal Friends 11 of 18
    Dotty's Animal Friends
    "I wish I could be a porky pine. Ack-chewee (actually) I changed my mind. I wish I can be a skunk. Becasue I want skunks to like me. Becasue dey are my friends."

    You can follow Dotty on twitter (yes, really) for your near daily dose of: Dotty Speak
  • Body Parts 12 of 18
    Body Parts
    Amy's young lad thinks freckles and moles are called nipples. Well at least he did when he was a toddler. Pointing out as such to every mole and freckle in sight.

    You can find Amy's wonderful wooden toys on: Little Aloutette
  • Jacob’s Love For Mama 13 of 18
    Jacob's Love For Mama
    "I love how soft and squishy you are Mommy. I just want to squeeze you like a jukebox."

    Jake's mama Melissa, is a best-friend of mine, super talented photgrapher and avid Tumblr on: Mel The Tigerlily
  • Jacob on Smooth Farts 14 of 18
    Jacob on Smooth Farts
    "I love smooth farts. It's like no one can hear them. Like they are whispering to you."
  • Informant 15 of 18
    My pal Katie says the vacuum is for, "sucking up the salami crumbs"

    Submitted by my good friend Susie Yorsten, mama of darling Katie
  • Imitation is The Most Sincere Form of Flattery 16 of 18
    Imitation is The Most Sincere Form of Flattery
    5:45pm, while Jacob is eating supper…

    Carly (Jake's mom): Jacob, who dumped these movies all over the floor?

    Jake: Mommy did it.

    Carly: No, I didn't.

    Jake: No, no, Mommy did not. Dis Mommy did. (pointing at the Little People Mommy).

    Carly: Oh, that wasn't very nice. Are you sure Jake didn't help Mommy dump the movies?

    Jake: No, dat not bery bery nice. Jay-coo did not hep da Mommy. Mommy do it all by himself.

    6:15pm, after supper…

    Jake: Mommy come me (again referring to the Little People Mommy). Mommy need a time out.

    (Jake meticulously gets the Time Out chair, drags it to the Time Out spot and sits Mommy on the chair. He gets right down to her level and looks her in the eye…)

    Jake: Mommy? Know what? Know what Mommy? Mommy no no dump dose movies on the plore. Dat not nice Mommy.

    Jake: Sorry (in his best high pitched "Mommy" voice)!

    Jake: I poorgive ooo Mommy.

    (Mommy and Jacob hug.)

    Jake: I wuv ooo Mommy.

    Jake's mom blogs over on: Talking Myself Out of The Tree
  • Form of Expression 17 of 18
    Form of Expression
    Exactly as the caption says, upon his great joy in getting to drive a car, he stated matter-of-factly, "It's a guy thing". Porter's mama Dory informed me that he said the same thing last weekend at camp, (it's a guy thing) when using the outhouse. But she just didn't have a suitable photo to go with it.

    Dory is the queen of organic fabric, bringing it straight from the wholesalers to you (and me) over at: Worthy Goods Textile
  • Naked Envy 18 of 18
    Naked Envy
    Shortly after an afternoon at the splash pad, we're in change mode. Having momentarily escaped the confines of those dastardly cotton fibres known as clothing, my son Wydham gleefully took to doing some summersaults nude in the grass (as one does). He jumps up to a family passing by, "Lookit my cool new twik! I'm nekkid!" Much jumping ensued coupled with slightly maniacal laughter and more tumbling.

    As seen, heard and quoted by me. I couldn't very well leave my own ramble-mouthed tot out of the mix, now could I?

Top Image Courtesy: Jonathan Davis

If you are interested in submitting for the 2nd Edition of Toddler Speak, send your  own (toddler’s) golden nuggets of wisdom, tom foolery, and sweetness (along with a picture) to:

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