The Time My Toddler Pulled Out My Nose Ring

I lay down my life for my kids, like any good parent does. Sure these toddlers destroy things… LOTS of things. All of our mirrors have little finger prints on them. The floors are covered in crumbs from food stolen from the pantry. My clothes for sure show signs that I have had a toddler clinging to me with food stuck to the back of my shirt or thrown on my jeans. These are things that I am use to.

This past weekend, the hubs and I had a date night. It had been a while since we just got to hang out. On a random whim, I decided we should go get my nose pierced. It’s something I had been thinking of doing for a while, except when do I have time to go get that done – not really a priority – but we had time, so why not?

In case you are in the market for a nose ring – if you’ve given birth, it’s nothing. I was anticipating at least a few tears – but really it was just a slight pinch. The whole process from walking in to getting pierced to getting back in our car was a total of 10 minutes. Scanning my driver’s license took the most time out of the whole process. This was Friday night.

Saturday we spent the day at the museum with the kids and headed to a neighborhood downtown that has great food and a fun atmosphere to cap off our day out. All was going well and the toddlers were actually behaving – even with no naps. Then our youngest, Zeke snapped. Zeke is our mild child. He is sweet and loving and typically non-violent. This day something got into him. As we were standing in line waiting for dessert, he started thrashing my hair violently. It was too much to stand in line with, so took him outside to let him play.

That’s when I noticed a sharp pain. OMG. The little dude had ripped out my nose ring in all the thrashing. If you are familiar with nose rings, the piercing dude had put in a nose hook which isn’t easy to get back in.

Pain. Pain. and I was pissed. I never do anything for myself now a days, and I get a silly nose ring and it didn’t even last 24 hours. Alas, this is life and the chapter I’m in.

Fortunately, a friend came over and took me to get it re-pierced with a different type of stud, but I couldn’t find a stupid stud to try to hold the hole open. Apparently nose holes heal quickly, so a mega hoop had to do. On a positive note, my mother-in-law was worried that this is what I was going to be wearing permanently. 🙂

Repierced and all is good. The toddlers haven’t gotten handsy with it. I really think it was the hair whipping that yanked it out. *sigh* Life with toddlers. Gotta love them.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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