The Toddler Leash: Love It!

Its the Monkey Backpack!

Leashes for children.

It is a hot topic, but one that I never really put much thought into until recently. Heck, I find most of the parenting “hot topics” today incredibly stupid!

Of course my toddler isn’t a dog, but there is a time and place for most gear they make for kids today.

We originally started using the toddler leash when my oldest son started walking. I was pregnant with my middle son and he was no longer interested in the stroller. Just like all of our kids, once he learned how to walk it was his preferred method of travel.

If we tried to put him inside a stroller, he had a nuclear meltdown, and it remained that way for a while. I think it was the point where he realized walking could make his little legs tired as hell that snapped him out of his obsession.

The same thing happened with Ben, and now I am just waiting for Addie to really get the hang of this walking thing; I’m sure she’s going to be off running just like they were.

To me, I look at the leash as a safety device. I don’t look at it as a leash — it’s a safety harness, a backpack that helps us to ensure the safety of our kids when we are out in a public place.

Not only do we use the monkey backpack as an actual backpack to store things in, but we use it to make sure that our youngest toddler is S-A-F-E!

It doesn’t mean we can’t control our children, it means we value their lives far too much to risk an accident that easily could be prevented. I would rather people with hang-ups about these contraptions give me nasty looks than have my toddler accidentally run in the wrong direction onto the busy road we live on. Or trip off the curb into the road when we are at my husband’s firehouse. Or run off during a busy carnival, or whatever fancy event with a large population we decided to bring our kids to for the day. It’s just another precaution I take while I manage watching all three children.

It isn’t about power or control.
It isn’t about treating a toddler like a pet.

It is better safe than sorry to me, because I could never forgive myself if any of my children were hurt in an accident that could have easily been prevented.

Let’s have a nice and respectful discussion about toddler leashes … do you use one? Why or why not?


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