The Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys! Huck here. Nooooo don’t make me leave this playground! Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

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    Hey guys! How's it going? Oh this? This is me at play school. WHERE I'M THE COOLEST! I go once a week and we sing songs, and eat snacks, and play games, and read books. It's a co-op that Mom's doing with all her mom friends, since preschool costs too much in the city (and is, like, full-time even when you're only almost-two, weird). Don't be alarmed by how great my coloring skills are, I'm just a natural, don't let it make you feel bad.
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    It's gotten real chilly in the city this week, so Mom's been bundling me up for trips to the play ground. All these layers! This is a sweater Mom bought for me on eBay when she first found out she was pregnant with me. It's super old, and super scratchy. But I guess it has all these moose on it so I'll just smile through the pain.
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    This is Dad teaching me how to ride a mini scooter! All the cool kids in the city ride them when they're too big for strollers, and though I'm not quite that big yet, Mom and Dad want me to leran how to ride now so that I'm responsible and capable witha scooter once the time comes. I didn't fall even once! I'm thinking of campaigning real hard for a scooter for my birthday! It's just in two weeks, you guys!
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    This is me and Mom on the couch about to take a couch nap ...... at 6PM. Yeah, don't make a fuss, it's just that I'm not sure how I feel about napping anymore, and usually I turn one down and then realize super late that I really needed it? And then Mom has to decide how badly she feels like staying up till midnight with me versus how badly she needs a break from me.... so usually the nap wins. Mom's up till midnight anyway, so...
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    OUT COLD. Mom and I keep telling Dad that he should wake me up real early for some play time so I'll want a nap earlier and then still be ready for bed at a normal hour, but I guess Dad wants his sleep, too? Shhh. Most days I sleep till 10. I KNOW RIGHT!
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    I am playing suuuuper hard! You can tell 'cause I've pulled my arm out of my sleeve. Yeah, it's what I do. Nobody knows why. The reason is super rad, but I'll just keep you guessing...
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    Mom took me to Target the other day! Look at this pile! Here's what's fun, when the pile is this big and there's a Diet Coke from the fountain hiding somewhere, is you suddenly shake all like crazy and make it fall out and spill all over the cosmetics aisle. And then Mom goes, HENRY AUGUST HOLBROOK! And then that means you win! It's way fun!
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    This week Mom and Dad decided I was ready for a big boy bed, so Mom packed up the crib (muttering, "I swear I only put this up yesterday, where is the time going?" Mom is SO funny) and ordered me this new big boy bed, then helped me redecorate my bedroom for a big boy. NOT a baby. I slept in it last night until about 4AM. Not bad! The trick is, Mom lies down with me and nurses with me or rubs my back until I fall asleep. That teeny crib wasn't doing it cause lately I'm really needy for my Mom at night. So this way I get to be a big boy AND be kind of clingy, all at the same time! Pretty genius.
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    We've had a lot of house guests lately and Mom had a birthday party so lots of fun people have been coming over, and when they have to leave I become despondent! NOOOO!
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    This is my Aunt Kristen and my Uncle Cannon. They're here this week to show their daughter Taylor (my awesome cousin!) all over for her 16th birthday. This is them playing "One Two Three Wee!" with me, which is a game I am SO GOOD at you guys!
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    This is us waiting forever at Grimaldi's for some pizza. Come on, pizza!
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    Wait, is it here yet?
    Till next week,

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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