The Toddler Wars: I Surrender

The white flag of surrender

I’m done.

I give up.

The constant battles that I have with my son lately are wearing me so thin.

I was just away for four days, the longest I’ve ever been away from either of my kids, and I missed them like crazy. But, within 48 hours of being back home, I swear, I was ready to leave for four days again.

It just seems like every little thing with my toddler, right now, turns into a fight. What color his cup is, how I cut his food, that he wants to close the door and not me, that he wanted to get dressed himself, but he didn’t do it when I asked him to, and on, and on, and on.

And the ones that drive me the most crazy are the ones that he brings upon himself.

Like when he wants to go back in time and change something that he chose. For example, we’re in the car driving away and he complains that he wanted to wear his boots and not his shoes. I almost always give him the choice of what he wants to wear before we leave, specifically so it doesn’t turn into a fight.

And yet, he gets mad and throws a huge fit because he wants me to go back home so he can change into his boots. Seriously.

As much as I’ve been trying to avert these situations, remove things that will turn into a struggle with him, and try to understand that he is just exerting his independence, it still seems I just can’t win. He’ll make a fight out of it anyway.

So, I surrender. I don’t know what else to do at this point.

Someone please remind me that this is just a stage and it will get better, right?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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