The True Benefit Of Me Time

Okay, raise your hand if you took time for yourself since my last challenge.


I know it was not easy to sneak away for that extra cup of coffee or to take a bath instead of a quick shower, but I am so proud of you for making yourself a priority for a hot minute.

How did it feel afterward? Real warm and fuzzy, or did you have to push back a sense of guilt?

I really hope it was not guilt, although I understand.

This past Saturday, I took two hours to skip out of the house at 8am to get my hair done. It was the most glorious two hours ever – I was in the car by myself (never happens!) then had someone else scrub my hair for 10 minutes (absolutely never happens!) and then got to spend an hour being pampered and chatting about fun stuff with an adult. Not the “hey, did you get that email” or “do you have that spreadsheet ready” adult-talk that happens at the office, but rather the “oh my gosh, did you see what J. Simp wore last week?!”

Afterward, I drove home with freshly curled hair and feeling totally sassy. I felt like a new woman. When I walked in the door, my small boy sat in his booster chair eating snack and I rushed over to kiss him. “Momma!” he squealed.

New hair + happy toddler = blissed out momma.

It is amazing what those two hours did for me – starting the weekend, I carried so much burden from the previous week but it seems as if it was scrubbed right out of me, possibly through my hair roots. Now, I faced the weekend with so much more patience and warmth, which my toddler picked up on immediately.  My good mood equaled his good mood; my increased patience equalled more fun activities for him that I was willing to supervise. Which meant that we ended the weekend with pretty hair and freshly baked cookies, all warm and ready for any challenge the future week may reveal.

That, my friends, is why mommas need and deserve “me time.”

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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