The Ultimate Rain Gear For Toddlers

For those of you who are blessed with living in California-like climate, then move along. You probably don’t need any sort of super-duper rain gear for your toddlers. A cheap pair of generic rain-boots will likely do the job.

For the rest of us who weather many a storm, for quite a few months out of the year – the need for quality surpasses that of choosing less expensive outer-wear. Also? For those of you who live is such said climates, and if your toddler(s) go to daycare, they are probably going to request 2 pairs of splash pants (not that you have to buy 2 pairs of premium ones. I went with a cheap-o pair for the back-up), and ban most rain-boots. Apparently the cheap ones have poor-to-no grip and they are a safety hazard, so. (A little FYI if you are new to the daycare game and want to save yourself from making double purchases. I wish I knew this stuff going in!)

I made the mistake of buying some cute rain-boots and coats on sale at my local Joe Fresh this year a couple of months back. All items were under $15 bucks. After the very first time they put them to the test, for more than 5 minutes…you know what happened. Allowing my kids to actually splash in puddles while we went on a walk meant that they both came home with cold, soaked feet.

We can expect another 4-6 weeks of chilly rain season where I live, so this has been a lesson well learned. The added cost of buying sturdier gear is well-worth it in my books.

See for yourself!

  • When Quality is a Necessity… 1 of 25
    When Quality is a Necessity...
    Click through an adorable selection of top-rated, long-lasting rain gear for active toddlers!
  • MEC Newt Rain Suit 2 of 25
    MEC Newt Rain Suit
    Full coverage with taped seams. Comes in racing red as shown, kelly green and royal blue. A great unisex choice!
    Available via Mountain Equipment Co-op, $54
    Available in larger sizes here
  • Tretorn Jolly Rubber Rain Boot 3 of 25
    Tretorn Jolly Rubber Rain Boot
    PVC free and lined with an EcoOrtholite footbed. Your little one can splash, run and muck about to their heart's content in these suckers and their feet will stay supported and dry. They come in navy (as shown), pink and red.
    Available via Amazon, $36-$55
  • WonderKids Toddler Girl’s Raincoat 4 of 25
    WonderKids  Toddler Girl's Raincoat
    Ruffles and hearts, two of my own toddler girl's favourite things. I dig the apple and pear print lining!
    Available via Kmart, $19.99
  • CeLaVi Elephant Rain Boots 5 of 25
    CeLaVi Elephant Rain Boots
    CeLaVi rain-gear for kids is made in Denmark and the company prides themselves on expertly crafted wellies! Natural rubber with fabric lining to keep toes warm.
    Available via Children Salon, $42.44
  • Fire Trucks Raincoat 6 of 25
    Fire Trucks Raincoat
    Apparently this is for boys, but here's the thing. While my little girl most definitely likes hearts and ruffles - she also loves fire-trucks. Just sayin'. Hatley rain-gear is another company that makes top-rated and reviewed product, PVC free!
    Available via The Hatley Store, $52.99
  • Hatley Fire Truck Gumboot 7 of 25
    Hatley Fire Truck Gumboot
    To match that adorable coat, because obviously.
    Available via Wellies, $39.95
  • Navy And White Stripes Rain Jacket 8 of 25
    Navy And White Stripes Rain Jacket
    A stylish choice for a boy or a girl. PVC free.
    Available via The Hatley Store, $62.99
  • Toddlers Gumboots – Navy Lace 9 of 25
    Toddlers Gumboots - Navy Lace
    Fabric lined and dang cute.
    Available via Wellies, $24.95
  • Kushies Yellow Rain Jacket and Pant Set 10 of 25
    Kushies Yellow Rain Jacket and Pant Set
    Great attention to functional detail here, PVC-free and comes in pink too!
    Available via Kids Ski and Rain, $36.95
  • Welly Flexisoles Navy 11 of 25
    Welly Flexisoles Navy
    Flexisoles are 100% natural rubber, matt external surface, cotton lined with an eva insole. A great deal for such quality.
    Available via Wellies, $19.95
  • Disney’s Monsters Inc. Hooded Rain Jacket 12 of 25
    Disney's Monsters Inc. Hooded Rain Jacket
    This one is about the become a collector's item. All of the Disney stores are sold out of them and Amazon has only a few left!
    Available via Amazon, $57.99
  • Bergstein Gumboots – Ice Blue 13 of 25
    Bergstein Gumboots - Ice Blue
    Popular (with good reason) throughout Europe, these gorgeous, high-quality gumboots are made in the Netherlands. Features: Rippled non-slip sole Cotton lined interior Reflector strip on heel. Comes in variety of darling pastel and candy-like matte colours.
    Available via Fawn & Fox, $59.95
  • Summer Strawberries Girls’ Raincoat 14 of 25
    Summer Strawberries Girls' Raincoat
    Another gorgeous design from Hatley. PVC-free, lined with soft, plush cotton terry and it comes with matching boots and an umbrella!
    Available via Hatley, $52.99
  • Hatley Summer Strawberries Gumboot 15 of 25
    Hatley Summer Strawberries Gumboot
    Told ya. Jersey lined and made from 100% natural rubber. These beauties (as is all Hatley gear) are Canadian designed. Represent!
    Available via Wellies
  • Sign In Abeko Children’s Rain Set 16 of 25
    Sign In Abeko Children's Rain Set
    Abeko Swedish rain-sets are the ultimate in protection from harsh windy and rainy climates. For active kids who need to get outside and stay dry! Comes in pink (as shown), navy and red.
    Available via Tiny Trolls (uhm, what?), $80
  • CeLaVi Elephant Print Black Shortie Gumboots 17 of 25
    CeLaVi Elephant Print Black Shortie Gumboots
    Ankle high for the youngest of walkers with short chubby limbs! Denmark made quality and style. Jersey lined.
    Available via Children Salon, $33.34
  • Mint Rain Jacket 18 of 25
    Mint Rain Jacket
    Featuring the hottest colour this spring! Made with terry lining, detachable hood and front pockets. Seam sealed and PVC-free.
    Available via The Hatley Store, $69.99
  • Croc Rain Boots 19 of 25
    Croc Rain Boots
    Try and hate these. Go on and try. Comes in Island Green (as shown), Lilac, Fuschia and Sea Blue.
    Available via Amazon, $23.99 - $46.95
  • CeLaVi Elephant Green Jacket & Bibbed Rain Pant Set 20 of 25
    CeLaVi Elephant Green Jacket & Bibbed Rain Pant Set
    Lime green and chocolate brown palette, a great unisex choice!
    Available via Children Salon, $42.44
  • Bogs Glosh Waterproof Boot 21 of 25
    Bogs Glosh Waterproof Boot
    The boot of choice for daycare! Or is it just mine? These are the only rain-boots they'll allow, as apparently all other ones are a safety hazard. I've sent some of these other carefully selected choices to their head administrator to see if any of them cut the mustard. They come in a wide variety of styles, prints, colours and price points.
    Available via Amazon, $40.41 (depending on size)
  • Disney’s Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Rain Jacket 22 of 25
    Disney's Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Rain Jacket
    Another near collectors item! Get one of the last few if you or your little girl is a big fan of said mouse. This is a ridiculously adorable coat!
    Available via Amazon, $64.99
  • Kamik Squirt Rain Boot 23 of 25
    Kamik Squirt Rain Boot
    Love these colours! Would look great with that Minnie Mouse rain jacket.
    Available via Amazon, $28 - $39.50
  • Raincoat – Whales 24 of 25
    Raincoat - Whales
    Love this print. Made with laminated cotton and longer than most rain jackets out there to keep little tooshies warm and dry. Handmade from Australia!
    Available via Aunty Ollie, $55
  • Bergstein Gumboots – Yellow 25 of 25
    Bergstein Gumboots - Yellow
    Delicious colour, hot this spring! Also? Nothing is getting through these stylin' splashers.
    Available via Fawn & Fox, $59.95


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