The Unsinkable Vivi Brown

The happiest toddler on the block.Good heavens, is this child EVER unhappy?”

“She is just pure happiness isn’t she?”

She has what we call around here ‘smile bringer eyes.'”

She makes me smile!!!”

If you’ve never met Vivi, please do. She’s the child who got me through the dreariest February in recent memory. I realize most, if not all, toddlers are incredibly effervescent spirits of boundless energy and joy, but there’s something about Vivi. She flirts with old men at the grocery store. She says goodbye to everyone and hi to everything. She walks into a room like she owns the place and bunny is never (if ever) very far behind. She’s a magical little creature who smells of honey and kisses on demand. While she has worn me right out with her constant trouble making, her innocence and sense of humor have kept me such good company over the last dreary, miserable month.

All of the following pictures were taken during February and should give you a pretty accurate idea of who I am lucky enough to spend my days with.

  • Underpants obsession. 1 of 13
    Underpants obsession.
    Vivi is OBSESSED with Addie's underpants, she'll sneak into her underwear drawer when she thinks I'm not paying attention and run away squealing with a pair in each hand. Thankfully she's moved on from wearing them on her head to wearing them on her rear.
  • Saturday night shenanigans. 2 of 13
    Saturday night shenanigans.
    Vivi is fearless, she'll jump off of anything onto anyone at any moment, which explains Cody's face.
  • Vivi loves Addie. 3 of 13
    Vivi loves Addie.
    Whenever Vivi misses her big sister she goes into her room and climbs into her bed.
  • Vivi’s hair. 4 of 13
    Vivi's hair.
    The air is dry, Vivi's hair is plentiful. Add in a blanket and there's literal fireworks.
  • Toddler bombed. 5 of 13
    Toddler bombed.
    She's always a step behind me. Literally. Unless I'm using the facilities, then she's a step ahead of me trying to wipe my behind for me.
  • Grocery sidekick. 6 of 13
    Grocery sidekick.
    Shopping with this kid is equally hysterical (she calls anyone under the age of 15 a baby) and terrifying (put her close to a display and she'll shove everything she can into our cart.)
  • She plays puppy. 7 of 13
    She plays puppy.
    She brings you a ball, then pants in your ear and licks you. Way cuter than a real dog.
  • Her giggle. 8 of 13
    Her giggle.
    It's what warm sunshine wishes it sounded like.
  • Boxed. 9 of 13
    Girl loves boxes. Prefers just to sit in them and stare at me. It's a little strange but at least she's entertained.
  • Costuming. 10 of 13
    Cat butt, wool elephant diaper cover and some cowgirl boots. Whoever said toddlers and tiaras was a big thing never met Vivi.
    Conducting a tiny little orchestra or telling the birds how amazing they look? You decide.
  • Toddler games. 12 of 13
    Toddler games.
    I lost Vivi in a home store, when I called her name the curtains giggled.
  • This. 13 of 13
    Addie taught Vivi how to shove balls up or down her shirt so they could bump bellies. Vivi took it to a whole other level.

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