The Very Best Things About Toddlers

Toddlers rule our houses and our hearts.

For all the adorable annoyances these little people bring into our lives, there has never been a time as magical and wondrous as those few precious toddler years.Let’s celebrate the awesomeness that is toddlerhood!

  • The invincibility 1 of 10
    The invincibility
    Toddlers are legends in their own time, making them the bravest, strongest and most powerful force of nature!
  • The constant laughter 2 of 10
    The constant laughter
    Toddlers are always laughing about something. Get 'em together and it's a contagious giggle-fest!
  • The love 3 of 10
    The love
    Toddlers spread love even better than they spread germs. Tight hugs, sloppy kisses and snuggle time make toddlers the perfect cozy companions!
  • The wonder 4 of 10
    The wonder
    Toddlers are amazed by the wonder of this great big world. New sights, sounds, smells and experiences make the toddler years the biggest and brightest.
  • The honesty 5 of 10
    The honesty
    You want to know the truth? Ask a toddler. Out of the mouths of babes is right!
  • The silly 6 of 10
    The silly
    Toddlers are super silly little people! From funny faces to animal noises to shaking their groove thing, toddlers own silly.
  • The cute 7 of 10
    The cute
    There is nothing cuter than a spirited toddler with pinchy cheeks dressed in adorable clothing. Can't stand the cute!
  • The endless curiosity 8 of 10
    The endless curiosity
    The hows and whys of the toddler years spark imagination and wonder.
  • The happy 9 of 10
    The happy
    Toddlers are happy little folks and why shouldn't they be? With so much love and attention from their smitten parents, they have plenty to smile about!
  • The mispronunciations 10 of 10
    The mispronunciations
    Toddler says what? Write down those adorable mispronunciations; this stuff is priceless!

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What do you love most about the toddler years?

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