The Week That My Toddler Hated Me

That One Time My Toddler Hated Me

“NOT YOU MAMA. NO!!! DADA!” A couple of weeks ago I was hearing that phrase, or something similar to, shouted or hufffed at me, left, right and centre. It usually involved a little penguin-esque full-tilt boogie away from me. Anywhere but near me.

Or downright kicking and screaming for me to leave her alone. Or arms crossed, scowl deep…big attitude aimed straight at me.

All of this from my usual, darling, sweet, doting, affectionate daughter Abby. A mama’s girl, through and through. ‘They’ say we can expect our children to go through phases like this, that it’s natural and usually fleeting.

Our phase lasted about a week, felt eternally long and I’m not so convinced that it was this natural, inevitable thing. I think I did something to really piss her off and that it took about a week for her to come back to me, although I can’t for the life of me figure out what it was. Or what I did. Or what I didn’t do. Or what I said or didn’t say.

I suppose I’ve done all right, up until that little spell of being hated on by my daughter. Both of my toddlers love me to pieces. I mean, by all huggy, kissy, adoring appearances. So when Abby’s adoration towards me flicked off for me like the flash of a mighty lightening bolt, I felt it right down to my toes.

Trev kept telling me that she’d come back to me and that I’d be her favourite again, but after a few days I just wanted my girl back! I couldn’t figure it out and all I could do was to not push her and let her dad take over. I’ve read about some children favouring one of their parents long-term and everyone in the family seems fine with it. Nope, not me. I love that our kids seem to love us equally and I’m not so sure how I’d feel about it if things changed down the road for the long-term.

Abby did come back to me, Trev was right. She turned it back on just as quick as she turned it off and it’s been like nothing I’ve ever experienced before as a parent. The absolute rejection of your child. I’m just glad that she stopped being so pissed off at me before her dad went away for 10 days of business. If she hadn’t come back to the realization that I’m awesome and the best mommy ever, wouldn’t that have been just the pickle?

Does your toddler play favourites? Are you the favourite? Have you been rejected like me? Tell me, how did you react? Did you stay cool as a cucumber or did it hurt like the dickens?


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