The Worst Gifts For Toddlers

The holiday shopping season officially kicked off this weekend. Did you brave the stores? I didn’t! But, I have been doing a little browsing around to see if I can snag any great deals online. And in the process of looking through all of the millions of options of gifts for my kids, I have found several that I don’t think should even be available to purchase for toddlers.

Right along with the most inappropriate toddler gear, here are eleven of the worst gifts I think you could give a toddler this Christmas!

  • ATM Machine 1 of 11
    ATM Machine
    Nothing like teaching a toddler that there are machines that magically spit money out at you. You might as well make a toy money tree for them to play with.
    From Amazon
  • Brats Babyz 2 of 11
    Brats Babyz
    As if the Bratz dolls aren't trashy enough, now even young kids can play with scantily clad and over-sexualized baby dolls.
    From Amazon
  • Little Tikes Guitar 3 of 11
    Little Tikes Guitar
    My kids were given a guitar similar to this, and I have to say that it was probably one of the worst toys they've ever had. It was so loud, and the songs were so annoying, that it made it's way to the garage sale pile in record time!
    From Amazon
  • McDonalds Drive Through 4 of 11
    McDonalds Drive Through
    It's not like we have an epidemic of obesity in young children or anything. So, let's encourage them to play like they are eating some of the worst food they could possible eat.
    From Toys R Us
  • Pretend Fast Food 5 of 11
    Pretend Fast Food
    And of course, they need the fake plastic fast food to go with their drive through. A little trans fat with play time, kids?
    From Toys R Us
  • Toddler Lingerie 6 of 11
    Toddler Lingerie
    The outrage over the line of lingerie for young girls from the French company Jours Après Lunes has been all over the internet, but seriously, anything remotely sexy or lingerie-looking does not belong on a toddler!
    From Jours Après Lunes
  • Inappropriate T-shirts 7 of 11
    Inappropriate T-shirts
    I'm not sure who thinks these types of t-shirts are cute or funny, but to me, they are completely inappropriate, and I found many that were even worse than this, that I didn't even want to highlight here.
    From Lil Squirt Tees
  • And One For The Boys 8 of 11
    And One For The Boys
    I also don't get why it's funny to compare a baby or toddler to a drunken frat boy, or even an alcoholic - that's exactly what I want my little boy to aspire to be like when he grows up.
    From Cafe Press
  • Let’s Rock! Elmo 9 of 11
    Let's Rock! Elmo
    How about giving your kid an annoying toy that does all the playing for them. Why not buy them a instrument set and let them make their own music? What a novel idea.
    From Toys R Us
  • Learning Puppy 10 of 11
    Learning Puppy
    Another toys with batteries, that does more playing then the child does. My kids had this puppy, and the biggest problem with it was that it was so sensitive. Just a little touch would make it sound like a skipping CD, and it couldn't get all the way through a song or rhyme without being left still. And we are know that toddlers are not gentle with their toys!
    From Toys R Us
  • A Real Puppy 11 of 11
    A Real Puppy
    And speaking of puppies, probably the worst gift for a toddler is an actual puppy or kitty. As cute as they are, a toddler is not going to be able to take care of a pet themselves, so unless you're planning to take on all the responsibility, leave the pets at the pet store!
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What do you think is the worst gift for a toddler?

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