There's Hand Foot And Mouth Disease In My House

hand and foot
I'll spare you the photos of his disgusting rash and leave you this cute one of someone else's child.

Just when I thought we were clear of illness for the springtime, well, I was wrong.

Fuzz’s fever the other day? Yeah, that was the beginning of HFMD or Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease- the human version of Hoof and Mouth Disease.


Wanna hear some of the super great “features” of this disease? (I’m trying to stay positive, here)

-Fever (Fuzz had 103, but just for one day)

-Lesions on the throat, mouth, hands and feet (hence the name). Fuzz had difficulty swallowing two days ago, and I couldn’t figure out why- now I know. Poor guy had sores back there.

– Skin rash all over. This is the last thing to appear which is why we didn’t know that he had it. The worst is on his legs, and behind his knees.

HFMD is very contagious, here’s some info from the CDC

Infected persons are most contagious during the first week of the illness. The viruses that cause hand, foot, and mouth disease can remain in the body for weeks after a person’s symptoms have gone away. This means that infected people can still pass the infection to others even though they may appear well. Also, some people who are infected and shedding the virus, including most adults, may have no symptoms.

Better yet, on the prevention page:

  • Avoiding close contact such as kissing, hugging, or sharing eating utensils or cups with people with hand, foot, and mouth disease.

Yeah, we’re totally screwed. So there go all our plans for the weekend.

At this point, Fuzz seems much better, and isn’t complaining nearly as much so hopefully his sores are feeling better already. The older guy still hasn’t gotten it, but we’re all waiting for the other foot…um…shoe to drop.

So, I guess, we’ll be washing our hands a lot this weekend, and playing close to home.

Have you had experience with HFMD? Please share, thanks!

For more info on HFMD see the CDC page

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