Things I Hide From My Toddler...And Some Things I SHOULD Hide

computer phone camera hand face
I’m hiding in my phone.

We can all agree that honesty is the best policy, correct? However, there are times when for your sake or for your toddlers, the need to hide items might become necessary. Whether it’s for their safety, or my sanity, I must hide some stuff.

There’s some stuff to which toddlers should not have access. They don’t seem to know that, however. The number of times I catch my toddler with one or more or these items is ridiculous.  It’s kind of like his obsessions. Not necessarily dangerous, but could be…inconvenient.

The real majorly poisonous stuff is totally out of reach, so most of these items, he shouldn’t have for other reasons.

Which of these do you hide from your toddler?

  • My phone 1 of 9
    My phone
    After last week's fiasco, I should keep this thing locked up.
    PS Cool photo, no? I do look a little tired, though.
  • My keys 2 of 9
    My keys
    Truthfully, my older toddler got locked in the car once because he was holding my keys at the gas station. Lesson learned. Or not. Fuzz manages to get his hands on them all the time. I make sure at least 2 doors are open, though.
  • Meds and Vites 3 of 9
    Meds and Vites
    Do you remember the commercial? "We're not candy....even though we look so fine and dandy." Keep out of reach of children. Thank goodness for childproof caps.
  • My computer 4 of 9
    My computer
    Now that Fuzz can say "pooda!" he wants to watch youtube vids like his brother. As you can see, my control key is missing...
  • Coffee filters 5 of 9
    Coffee filters
    My LAST filter went missing yesterday. I had to use the ole paper towel method, thanks to Fuzz.
  • Honey bear 6 of 9
    Honey bear
    There's cinnamon all over the top of it, thanks to my toddler. This stuff should be a controlled substance. Doesn't the bear look like he wants to hide?
  • My wallet 7 of 9
    My wallet
    Has anyone seen my driver's license? I wish I were kidding.
  • Cinnamon 8 of 9
    This sucker needs a child-proof cap (see honey bear).
  • Chocolate 9 of 9
    No one touches mama's dark chocolate almonds.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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