Things My 16 Month Old Does

When our children are babies (think 0-12 months) we meticulously document their development. We write down the milestones and take a zillion photos so that we can remember it all. Maybe we even do special monthly photo shoots with them. But then they become toddlers and everything speeds up superfast and all of a sudden you realize, “Wow! My kid knows how to do that!? When did that happen?” Fortunately I still take a zillion pictures of everything she does. (Because—blogger, duh.) But I thought it might be fun to do a little post each month to share a little update on Fern’s accomplishments.

So here’s what my 16 month old is doing these days…

  • Rocking 1 of 8
    Things My 16 Month Old Does

    Lately Fern LOVES rocking chairs. Not only does she enjoy rocking herself on them, but she also likes to collect every single stuffed animal she owns and rock them on the chair as well. It's pretty adorable.

  • Getting what she wants 2 of 8
    Things My 16 Month Old Does

    I don't mean "getting what she wants" as in she's learned how to manipulate us, but she's getting more clear about what she wants and doesn't want and she's getting better at communicating with us about these things. It's still mostly through pointing, but it's progress. She also loves saying, "Nah," when she doesn't want something and for some reason I find it kind of endearing, even though it's really just a slight variation of her telling me no.

  • Carrying and Climbing 3 of 8
    Things My 16 Month Old Does

    This girl is obsessed with carrying things around and climbing on everything. Recently my parents bought her this little chair and you'd think it was the second coming, she was so excited! Her favorite thing to do ever since has been to pick up the chair and carry it from room to room and then practice climbing on and off of it. She's definitely gotten a few bumps along the way, but she's learning, so I'm cool with it.

  • Interacting 4 of 8
    Things My 16 Month Old Does

    It's fun watching Fern become more interactive with people—especially her little friends. They sometimes have little disagreements and though it's still parallel play for the most part, it's sweet to see her get excited about other kids. She also loves to give her friends hugs and grab their hands so they can sing "Row Row Row Your Boat" together. She never stops singing and she can actually carry a tune!

  • Exploring 5 of 8
    Things My 16 Month Old Does

    Fern never stops exploring. I love watching her learn about her world. She is so inquisitive and seems to have a very analytical mind and she is always trying to take things apart and figure out how they work before putting them back together. She is also relentless when she's trying to figure something out or trying to get to something. She knows what she wants and she is very determined.

  • Waving, Blowing Kisses and Other Such Things 6 of 8
    Things My 16 Month Old Does

    OK. I'll admit that putting her hand up to her mouth really is the extent of her kiss blowing abilities, but she waves hi and goodbye like a pro and says both "hi" and "bye." Sometimes she'll just walk around saying hi to random inanimate objects. These are probably her most regular words. She's said quite a few others as well, though not with any regularity. Some of her words currently are: *mama, *hey, *hi, *buh-bye, *hidada (one word), *Mah (for Marley), *BaBa (Bianca, her grandma's cat), *shuh (shoe), *bubble, *nah (no), *no (nose), *iiiiii (eye), *grandpa, *puhple (purple). These are all the words that are the clearest anyway.

  • Coloring Like a Boss. 7 of 8
    Things My 16 Month Old Does

    Coloring is a newfound favorite for Fern, though she still tries to eat the crayons, so I got her this super cool reusable water color book. It's the best. Also, she seems to be showing a preference for using her right hand like her Daddy, not the left hand like Mama, but I guess we'll see.

  • Tip Toeing. Dancing. Spinning. 8 of 8
    Things My 16 Month Old Does

    Tip toeing everywhere is Fern's preferred method of getting from point A to point B. She also loves to dance and it's super hilarious. When music comes on, this girl can't help but move. Oh, and spinning. If I tell her to "do spinnies" she starts twirling in circles until she falls down. So funny!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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