This Is What Three Looks Like

Three years ago.

Three years ago, Sadie arrived just shy of seven weeks early — between 31 and 32 weeks. I was due June 19th; she arrived on May 10th. It’s so hard to believe she is three. Three.


She always whispers, “I love you more,” and her giggle is infectious. Today she even said, “I’m not little Mom, I’m big.” As my heart breaks realizing that I can’t freeze time.

Oh Sadie, we love you. 

When I look back at your struggle in the NICU and how you could barely breathe your first breath, I never realized the adventure we were in for when we welcomed you into this world. You fought so hard, but no one would ever know your struggle. I love how nothing ever bothers you. No matter what — you’re always smiling. I love how when we go to take a picture, you’re automatically smiling and posing with your hands on your hips in such confidence. Cracking us up. Helping your sisters and brother. Always extending your hand to reach out. We had no idea how much you truly would make us laugh or just how special your little soul would be.


You make us laugh everyday.

You shine bright no matter what room you enter.

Your laugh. Oh, that laugh. And the way you cover your mouth when you giggle.

Your smile is contagious.




We are just so lucky to have you as our girl. Our sweet girl. We love you so much. So much, Sadie Sara Grace.

Cheers to three!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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