This Week in the Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys! Huck here. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

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    This week, Mom and I have been doing lots of Christmas shopping. We've been looking around for stocking stuffers for Dad. I'm a real big help, Mom asks my opinion on all sorts of things. Except when she asks me what I think about different nail polish colors, and then I pretend to be napping in my stroller.
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    Mom decorated the Christmas tree and made me a marshmallow garland to snack on. Thanks Mom!
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    See how much prettier it is now? I'm a real big helper.
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    This is my girlfriend Jane. She is six days older than me. She believes in tough love. What a woman!
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    This week I've been "cutting molars," as Mom calls it. It hurts real bad, but I've been enjoying chewing on stuff. Don't you think chewing on stuff is the funnest?
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    We had family pictures taken last week in the subways for our Christmas cards. I love having my picture taken! I'm really good at smiling and looking right at the camera. Mom jokes that she took so many pictures of me early on, that I think the camera IS my mom. But that's silly. Cameras don't have tasty boobs.
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    Look at me walking! I'm not doing it on my own yet, but I'm super close!
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    Strollers AREN'T just for girls. Come on.
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    Every night Mom lights up the Christmas tree and sings me Christmas carols and reads me all my favorite Christmas stories. Then when she's not looking I eat another marshmallow off the garland. Yum!
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    People tell me my cheeks are my best feature. Go ahead, you can kiss them.
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    This week we met my Mom's friend Emily Henderson for lunch at the Shake Shack. She's has a show on HGTV. She was SO excited to meet me. I thought she smelled really pretty. I also really like french fries.
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    Mom said it was time to let me try honey this week. You guys, honey is AMAAAAZING!
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    Less amazing are clementine peels. Bleck! I should probably let Mom hand me the slices like she wants to, but I just really like doing things for myself. You understand.
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    I've been real busy at home making sure all the gadgets are working. USB cords and remote controls especially. What would they do without me?
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    We have this super bright lamp in the living room, and sometimes Mom and I have dance parties in front of it so we can watch our shadows on the wall. My mom is so fun! Not as fun as Dad, but she tries.
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    Mom's been letting me watch all the cartoons I want, so long as they're Christmas cartoons. I LOVE How The Grinch Stole Christmas. That Cindy Lou Who is a total babe!

    See you all next week!


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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