3 Is The Jeckyll and Hyde Age

It’s Monday, which always feels like a punch in the face after a fantastic weekend. Especially when that weekend had gorgeous sunshine and now I’m staring out the window to grey clouds and drizzling rain. It’s like life was all, “Hey, glad you had a good time. SUCKER.”

My husband was out camping for a good chunk of the weekend (Hey, he needs guy time just like I need girls night out!) and Harrison and I were on our own. As weird as it sounds, I tend to be a better and more patient parent when I’m “alone.” I think it’s because I know all the tasks are 100% mine, so there’s no, “Why am I doing the dishes/giving the bath/putting on the pajamas?!” My husband is a huge help, but I think we all let those ugly comparison thoughts creep in at the end of a long week when we’re tired and just want to collapse. Does anyone else feel that way?

Little dude and I made the most of our time together and he was in an awesome mood that made me adore the age of 3.

3 is such a Jekyll & Hyde age. It’s either awesome or you’re wanting to serve the kid to the wolves. 

Here’s what we did this weekend:

  • Ready for the weekend 1 of 10
    Ready for the weekend
    Did anyone else feel like this at the end of the week? Two fist bumps for wine, ice cream, & yoga pants.
  • Then people told me how to smile 2 of 10
    Then people told me how to smile
    Apparently the side-smirk I do all day long (just ask my friends & coworkers - it's a natural part of bitch-face) is annoying. I attempted to smile in Friday's bathroom selfie. It looks more like something stinks.
  • Haircut 3 of 10
    Harrison's hair goes from being an adorable hipster mop to looking like a homeless man's mullet in a span of about one day. No, seriously. One day it's darling & the next, we wake up with a Les Mis street urchin eating at our breakfast table.
  • Ice cream for dinner 4 of 10
    Ice cream for dinner
    He did so great with his haircut & Daddy was out of town, so we had ice cream before dinner. Because we could. (for those itching to judge, he had veggie chicken nuggets, fruit, & some yogurt when we got home.)
  • Read to me 5 of 10
    Read to me
    Harry's new favorite thing is to "read" to us & it is amazing. He remembers the story line & even turns the book so we can see the pages. I need to get it on video before this phase passes so I can watch it over & over again & die from the cute.
  • Then I found this old gem 6 of 10
    Then I found this old gem
    Who are these young people? This was at my husband's cousin's wedding back in 2004 - I must say, my man ages well. I just have smaller boobs & bigger hips.
  • My Christmas present arrived 7 of 10
    My Christmas present arrived
    My husband bought me a Better Life Bag for Christmas & I am in love. It's a great "toddler mom purse" - room to carry snacks & Boogie Wipes & a car, but also my planner, wallet, & phone.
  • Meeting a new toddler mom 8 of 10
    Meeting a new toddler mom
    Harry & I headed to the park on Sunday to meet up with a new friend - she has two young ones & we all hit off perfectly. There's always, always room for more friends & more park dates in my life as a toddler mom. I can never have enough "me too!" friends.
  • The weather was incredible 9 of 10
    The weather was incredible
    It is weird to look at this picture of my kid in shorts, playing in the sunshine in January. Because it was 72 degrees. The only thing that kept it from feeling like spring is that it still got dark by 6pm. Boo, hiss.
  • Still going strong 10 of 10
    Still going strong
    We attempted to eat chicken on Saturday night & my belly was all YOU DO NOT EAT MEAT ANYMORE. So I've been filling up with fresh Farmer's Market bread & veggies. They are so yummy that I could faint from happiness.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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