Three-Year-Old Escapes Preschool And Walks Home Alone!

Alfie Aldridge
Alfie Aldridge, 3 Photo Credit:SWNS Group

So, a mom in Surrey, UK drops Alfie, her three-year-old boy, at preschool on the first day of school. She leaves him there, and gets a call forty minutes later that he’s doing fine. Two hours later, he appears at her front door. Alone! He’s three!!

What the flipper-jack? Can you imagine? According to

To make the 10-minute trek home, Alfie  walked out of  his school building, scaled a 3-foot wall and crossed a busy street.

“Thankfully, I was home to answer the door,” Aldridge said. “It makes me feel sick to think of what could have happened. It’s a terrible thing for a mother to go through.”

No kidding! Living in an urban-ish area with horrible traffic and worse drivers, it makes me want to puke thinking of my child attempting a walk home from his preschool. Never mind that his preschool is ten minutes away by CAR, so probably hours and hours of walking, crossing busy streets, getting lost, potentially getting kidnapped. Oh, the horror!!

And let’s talk about the really horrible part. When she brought him back to school, the staff hadn’t even realized he’d gone missing. Time to switch preschools, and potentially shut that sucker down!!

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