Three Year Old Is Sexy and He Knows It (VIDEO)

When my daughter was born, we made one big mistake. We exposed her to child-appropriate music.

Two years later, you’ll still find tunes meant for the toddler set seeping under our front door, traveling across the hall and annoying our childless neighbors.

After-dinner dance party requests are for the Hokey Pokey, the theme song from Elmo’s World and everybody’s favorite silent clapping song—BINGO is my NAME-O.

If only we had thought to introduce her to music we would like to listen to ourselves. 

With proper foresight, we could have parked her in front of a computer playing LMFAO’s video for “Sexy and I Know It” on a loop until she memorized the dance moves (I’m sure it would only take 300-400 viewings). Then we might have had a potential viral video on our hands and could be raking in some serious Google Adsense cash.

But nope, a three-year-old named Marek beat my daughter to it. I must say. The thrusting action is really rather impressive.

There’s always child #2.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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