Through One Mom’s Lens: Life with Little Ones on a Russian Farm

Prepare yourself to feast upon some stunning eye candy. Seriously, it’s some of the best photography you have ever seen. At least I know it’s that way for me. I gathered my toddlers around the computer screen last night and they, too, were captivated. Silenced. In awe. That’s saying a lot for two rambunctious toddlers on the cusp of a bed-time they’d rather not happen.

Elena Shumilova is a mother and a photographer from Russia who runs a farm. A farm with lots of animals and little ones who are naturally connected to the land and those animals. Elena’s brilliant gift for naturally lit, candid photography is absolutely breathtaking. She pulls you into their gorgeous little world, and for me, it’s art like hers that can wipe away the memory of thousand snotty noses smeared on my person, at least a day’s worth of meltdowns and pretty much any other stresses from the day.

She kind of makes you want to move to Russia and buy a farm. Or something. In the very least she inspires me to to keep striving at this slow-paced learning I’ve been doing with digital photography. Of how to best manipulate my lens; to continually work on my ideas on composition. To keep chasing the light. To keep chasing my kids. I love that Elena waits until after her boys are in bed to do all of her editing and processing and spends as much time as she can with her kids, in the moment.

You’re going to enjoy this one guys, kick back and join me in my afternoon tea (or save this as a bedtime treat with your own little ones), and enjoy!

All images used with permission from Elena Shumilova.

  • Lantern 1 of 25

    Ikea knows no borders. Right away, you can see what I'm talking about. Mom's got SKILLS.

  • Painting 2 of 25

    Stunning! A simple moment caught by the brilliance of the sun. Every single shadow and burst of light cast across that table pleases me in such a lovely way.

  • Letter 3 of 25

    What a little man! Caught in a thoughtful moment in his home library, watched over by his lovey. 

  • Sibs 4 of 25

    Now, just because this photo portrays the beauty of a young sibling relationship doesn't mean they don't fight like the rest of them. It just means that moments like this make all that angst and all of those tears worth it.

  • Morning Kitty 5 of 25

    The sheer beauty captured in this simple moment is what does me in. Clearly, that dancing little lad knows how to embrace the simple (but actually majestic), beauty of the world around him, just like his mama behind the lens does.

  • Laundry Day 6 of 25

    Simple joys. A big one for me is hanging laundry out on the line to dry, sheets never smell so good as they do when they come down off of that wind and sun-kissed line. Hurry, spring, hurry.

  • Cozy 7 of 25

    When winter light has the chance to provide warmth. This young lad seems so content and happy to enjoy a peaceful moment, the kind of authentic moment that can't be staged.

  • Bunny Love 8 of 25

    Gorgeous light, fuzzy bunnies and an adorable ginger-haired toddler. The key ingredients for magic-making!

  • Gentle Giant 9 of 25

    I love this! I love that the dog is a gentle giant and that the little guy trusts him and loves him like a good friend should. These two are destined to be long-time friends, clearly. The fog doesn't stop Elena from finding the light and making a brief moment look superb!

  • Best Friends 10 of 25

    Forever. I wonder what they're looking for? They could be waiting for something or someone, or just checking out the view and daydreaming about any infinite number of things. The possibilities seem endless here. 

  • Snow 11 of 25

    This one reminds me of the movie The Polar Express. It looks almost animated, yet this is a real moment in time that Elena managed to capture and render timeless. 

  • "Winter Mood" 12 of 25

    This has so many amazing elements, I'm not sure where to begin. Once again, as with every other picture, Elena has found the perfect light and a perfect moment between friends, captured. 

  • Frosty 13 of 25

    Rosy cheeks, frosty panes, big blue eyes and perfect light! 

  • Night Light 14 of 25

    The glow of the street lamp is all that's needed here, to highlight the snow; casting the perfect amount of mood in this picture. Love the sled and the hat!

  • Foggy 15 of 25

    Kind of haunting, totally beautiful. This almost seems as though it was taken in another world, from another time. I really love that about this picture.

  • Big Snow 16 of 25

    Clearly this family doesn't let a little snow get in their way of adventuring and spending time outside! They could teach us wimpy North Americans a thing or two about how to do winter, I'd imagine!

  • Magic 17 of 25

    Rustic cottage, check. Field of lavender, check. Low setting sun, check. Sweet boy wearing a cable-knit sweater, holding a fuzzy bunny double, triple, everything check. Dreamy.

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider 18 of 25

    Early morning shenanigans with a big white bunny. The best way to start a day, apparently.

  • Nuzzle 19 of 25

    Bunny nose nuzzles and outstanding bokeh for the win!

  • Foggy Morning 20 of 25

    Ohhhh, what a childhood these two brothers must be having. So much adventure and frolick, with magic in every step. This is a bit The NeverEnding Story for me, which is SUCH a good thing.

  • Oh, Behave! 21 of 25

    The work of a toddler, reigning in the chickadees, is never done! So stinking cute!

  • I Spy 22 of 25

    Just chilaxin' with a bunny in a haystack, as one does.

  • Pot Of Gold 23 of 25

    Chasing rainbows, about to take off in flight, all sorts of good things going on here. This makes me feel like there are infinite possibilities and opportunities out there. 

  • Just Perfect 24 of 25

    That dog is totally giving that boy love eyes, no two ways about it. So much snow, so much adventure! Also, these kids have the best winter gear, ever. I want to know where their mama shops. Elena?

  • World’s Biggest Sandbox 25 of 25

    A little Indiana Jones in the making? The possibilities are high. This photo is positively glowing with beauty and grit.

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