TILTY — The Best Sippy Cup Ever

When Evan turned 1, I can distinctly recall having some anxiety about transitioning to a sippy cup. In fact, I am pretty sure that I probably bought 20 different styles of cup, looking for the perfect product.

After doing some research online, I happened upon a unique looking sippy cup called the TILTY. Immediately the TILTY cup became our go-to sippy cup!

What I love about the TILTY cup is that it works well as a trainer cup, but is also still an appropriate cup for a more experienced drinker. I also love that there are not a million parts, and no valve, so your toddler will learn how to control the flow of liquid in a way that more closely mirrors drinking from a regular cup.

TILTY cup’s patent-pending ergonomic design creates a comfortable and natural drinking experience. TILTY keeps the liquid at an angle and allows it to flow to the spout with minimal effort so that your little one doesn’t have to tilt his/her head back as far. TILTY makes finishing the last drops a cinch and creates habits that will help your baby transition from sippy cups to “grown-up” cups easier and quicker.

Of course, the main benefit of the TILTY is that the tilt allows your child to drink without tipping his or hear head all the way back. It really is a more comfortable drinking experience.

TILTY cups are safe, too — TILTY is BPA Free, PVC Free, Pthalate Free, made of safe #5 polypropylene, and is dishwasher safe.



If you haven’t yet found the perfect sippy cup for your baby or toddler, definitely check out the TILTY!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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