Tips and Tricks to Get Your Toddler to Poop in the Potty

It’s the Holy Grail of potty training.  The laying of the golden egg.  The final bridge to cross before your kid can safely enter the real world in undies.

It’s the poop in the potty and it’s the most maddening, frustrating, exasperating aspect of parenting for many, many toddler parents.

Here are some ideas to get your toddler to poop in the potty:

  • Relax 1 of 9
    No kid goes to college still pooping in diapers. REMEMBER THAT.

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  • Get a kid-friendly sized potty 2 of 9
    Big potties can be intimidating, so spend $10-40 to get a potty that's more friendly to his bum-size.

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  • Keep him regular 3 of 9
    Nothing is worse than physically not being able to do the darn thing, so be sure your tot is getting plenty of fiber and water to help ease the transition. ahem.

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  • Celebrate the trying 4 of 9
    This is a BIG DEAL and it takes a while. To prevent frustration and feelings that he'll never get it, celebrate tries with something small -- we use mini-marshmallows or stickers to celebrate any attempt. This keeps the experience positive.

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  • Let him get comfy in the bathroom 5 of 9
    If he insists on pooping in a pull-up? Let him! Just let him do it in the bathroom. He'll get the idea that poop happens in the bathroom, so he's more comfortable once you introduce the sitting-on-the-potty aspect.

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  • Use a book 6 of 9
    Having trouble keeping the kid seated long enough for the magic to happen? Use a new book about potties to keep him interested!

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  • Imitation is the greatest form of flattery 7 of 9
    Look, we're all used to pooping on our own, but give it a shot -- poop (on the toilet!) in front of your kid. Show them first-hand how it's done.

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  • Keep a schedule 8 of 9
    Chances are, your kid poops pretty regularly. Know the "go times" and stay home near a potty. It's easier to poop at home than in public for most of us, right?

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  • Big prize time 9 of 9
    CONGRATULATIONS! The kid finally pooped in the potty! Go celebrate with a new toy, some ice cream, movie night ... whatever your kid's "currency" is, pay him for a job well done.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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