To Daddy with Love

I married a sentimental man. He’s stashed away little love notes and relics from our dating days- photographs, mementos, and keepsakes throughout the 12 years we’ve known each other.

Now that we have children he’s become even more of a pack rat. He holds on to the crude preschool pictures and the backwards spelling of their names. He takes pride in the scribbles and stick figures and chalk drawings on the sidewalk (if only they didn’t wash away in the rain…).

I know that for Father’s Day he’d love  nothing more than a special, handmade card from each of his kiddos.

And I won’t lie. He’d probably enjoy some quiet time on the porch swing with a good book and a bottle or two of his favorite beer. I think we can probably make that happen.

He’s a great husband, and a wonderful father. We’re all pretty lucky he’s our number one guy.

I’m sharing some handmade Father’s Day cards that would be perfect for your toddlers to give their dads. They’re special. They’re unique.

Just like the guy who carries them on his shoulders when they’re too tired to walk. The guy who can make them giggle like no one else.

The guy who loves them with the love that only a father can give. Pack rat or not.

  • Dad and Daughter 1 of 10
    Dad and Daughter
    This is so sweet, and could easily be framed as a keepsake!
    Photo Credit: Starfly Creations/Etsy
  • Thanks, Dad. 2 of 10
    Thanks, Dad.
    It's funny cuz it's true.
    Photo Credit: Julie Ann Art/Etsy
  • You and Naps 3 of 10
    You and Naps
    Ok, so maybe it's you and not your toddler who admits to liking naps.
    Photo Credit: Sad Shop/Etsy
  • I Heart Dad 4 of 10
    I Heart Dad
    I love these sweet elephants. I think my toddler would too.
    Photo Credit: Man vs George/Etsy
  • It Puts Hair on Your Chest 5 of 10
    It Puts Hair on Your Chest
    This would definitely get a laugh out of my husband!
    Photo Credit: Wit and Whistle/Etsy
  • Hooray for Father’s Day! 6 of 10
    Hooray for Father's Day!
    Kids love to celebrate, and Father's Day is no exception!
    Photo Credit: Modern Elements/Etsy
  • Ruff Ruff 7 of 10
    Ruff Ruff
    Being a dad can be "ruff" but it's lots of fun.
    Photo Credit: Lizzy Clara/Etsy
  • My Dad’s a Rock Star 8 of 10
    My Dad's a Rock Star
    Every dad's a rock star in the eyes of his toddler.
    Photo Credit: Row House 14/Etsy
  • Hand in Hand 9 of 10
    Hand in Hand
    I love the simplicity. So sweet.
    Photo Credit: Red Letter Paper Co./Etsy
  • Sweet Seals 10 of 10
    Sweet Seals
    My toddler would get a kick out of giving this to her daddy. And he'd love to receive this sweet card from her anytime...Father's Day or not!
    Photo Credit: Man vs George/Etsy

Mary Lauren Weimer is a social worker turned mother turned writer. Her blog, My 3 Little Birds, encourages moms to put down the baby books for a moment and tell their own stories. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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