Toddler Activities For When Mommy is Tired

I have been really tired lately.  Like overwhelming, can’t get off the couch, exhaustion. Am I sick? Technically, no. (I blame it on the hormones.) Depressed? Not quite. (Again I blame it on the hormones.)

If you’re a mama too, maybe you’ve guessed by now that the reason I’m so tired is that I’m expecting baby number three! And while we are so excited and happy to be adding to our family, the first trimester of pregnancy can be so, so hard.  Especially when you have little ones around!

I’m now 12 weeks along, and starting to feel a little bit better, but the past six weeks were really rough for me. I had to get creative with things to do with my kiddos to keep them entertained while I could supervise from the couch.

Maybe you’re not pregnant, but we are right in the middle of cold and flu season, so maybe you’re stuck to the couch for a few days because you really are sick.  Or maybe you were up all night with a sick child and now you’re exhausted, or maybe you’re tired just because you’re a mama of a toddler, I was tired all the time even before I got pregnant!

Here are some ideas that will help to keep your kids happy and safe, while keeping you in a prone position, for those time when it’s just really hard to get off the couch, and without letting the TV entertain your kiddos all the time.

  • Books on Tape 1 of 6
    Books on Tape
    Stock up on books on tape, or CD, from the library and sit back while they do the reading to your children, all you have to do is help them turn the pages.
  • Bubbles 2 of 6
    Bubbles are always a bit hit with kids, and you can easily blow your kids bubbles from the comfort of the couch, and they can chase them and try to pop them.
  • Animal Races 3 of 6
    Animal Races
    My kids love to race back and forth in our house, if only we had a circle for them to race around! But, when they get tired of just running, I will call out the names of different animals and they pretend to be that animal while they go back and forth.
  • Playing Doctor 4 of 6
    Playing Doctor
    This is the ultimate game for lazily lying on the couch while the kids check you and make sure you're okay. My kids can play doctor for a long time, giving me precious minutes of rest on the couch — just being a good patient, of course!
  • Dance Party 5 of 6
    Dance Party
    I turn on fun music for my kids and encourage them to dance around. They get energy out, and I get to supervise from the couch.
  • Simon Says 6 of 6
    Simon Says
    This will probably work best with older toddlers, but my daughter loves to play Simon Says, and all I have to do is sit back and tell her to touch her ears, jump on one foot, or stick out her tongue. She loves the challenge of remembering not to do what I say if I don't say "Simon says" first!

How do you keep your kids happy and entertained when you’re stuck on the couch?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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