Toddler Approved: DIY Glow In The Dark Hula Hoops

One of my favourite forms of dance is Native style hoop dancing, which is nothing like hula hooping. “Hooping” is defined as a story-telling dance in which the dancer uses numerous hoops at a time to masterfully spin their tale through movement and skilled dance. While there are many interpretations of hooping that vary from tribe to tribe and clan to clan, one element always remains the same.

It is a stunning, skillful display of storytelling dance.

My young lad seems to be drawn to it just as much as I, since the first time he watched a presentation in awe last year on the Pow Wow trail. Our local Pow Wow is coming up this weekend and a few weeks back I made him some hoops of his own to start practicing with.

Click through for the easy DIY on how to make your own Glow In The Dark Hula Hoops!

  • A Simple Project… 1 of 6

    Instructions and cute videos of Wyndham werkin' it up ahead.

  • STEP #1 2 of 6

    Gather your materials. Purchase a couple of hula hoops. I found these in the discount bin at Toys 'R' Us. Some reflective a glow in the dark duct tape in your colours of choice. (Found at any good hardware store.) And scissors, but of course. 

  • STEP #2 3 of 6

    You can make them all one colour with bands of the reflective tape, I chose to alternate the colours and put a small band of the reflective tape in between each colour change. Wrap on an angle, or else it will bunch up and get really lumpy!

  • Shiny! 4 of 6

    This entire project only cost me $15 and I had tons of tape to spare for other projects.

  • Criss Cross 5 of 6

    Not perfect, but they'll do. 

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    As you can see, they were immediately well loved and my guy asks to bring them with us to the park and other festivals we've gone to since. He's so proud of them that he wants to show his friends his hoops when he sees them and I totally plan on hooking him up with a traditional hoop dancer so he can learn all their skills. He'd KILL.
    You can check out Wyndham doing this interpretive hoop thang here and here. 
    (Also, YES - that is indeed the greatest toddler photo bomb EVER in the 1st video. I'm talkin' about the "dancing" masked avenger dude with the sledge-hammer. Both terrifying, weird and hilarious all at once.)


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