Toddler Approved: DIY Lego Figure Crayons

DIY Lego Figure CrayonsI recently attended a birthday party for twins. The twins of good friends of ours, whom we were only too glad to help out with. You know, the general ruckus. Food prep, decorations, bouncy castle duty and a bit of live entertainment here and there.

I’m pretty sure that’s how birthday parties should go down for those with multiples. A community of friends should stand up, take assignments and make things happen. That way nobody wants to stab their eyes out (too much) during the organization of said party or during the actual party when a bus-load (give or take), of small children are bouncing, screaming, wrestling and crashing into each-other in the bouncy castle you rented.

(I’m totally getting a bouncy castle for Wyndham’s party next month. As long as there is someone to police the admittance and rowdiness, I pronounce that bouncy castles are indeed a genius idea for such occasions.)

It was during this party that I once again got to briefly (because birthday party), with a fellow creative. An artisan whose work I adore. She made the loot bags for the birthday party, which had to be a mergence of themes. The twins (a boy and a girl), were turning six and who are turning six and they wanted flowers and butterflies and lego. Obviously.

Now, knowing that it’s Dana’s business to create handmade cards and crafts often out of re-purposed vintage materials, you can image what these bags looked like. A labour of love and my favourite component were the Lego Figure crayons!

They are seriously amazing and if you’re doing a truckload of them for a birthday party, they’re also a fairly easy DIY. One that you could do with your toddlers even. Not only would they be a great addition to birthday loot bags for a boy or a girl, I think they’d also make great stocking stuffers.

If you’d like to learn how to make the lego crayons and check out some of Dana’s work, mosey on over to my blog for the complete (simple), tutorial. Dana and I had a little chat before we got into the DIY!


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