Toddler Approved: DIY Waldorf Dancing Rings

Last week I promised to share the DIY for Waldorf dancing rings when I got around to making them. Well, I made them and they were as easy as I suspected at a fraction of the cost one would dish out on Etsy or in a specialty toy store.

If you’re not familiar with Waldorf education, let me begin my stating that I am a fan of certain aspects of Montessori and Waldorf (Gasp! I combine the theories! Double gasp!) and most digital forms of babysitting. And also nothing. Yep, nothing. Kids don’t have to be learning or entertained 24/7.

Although they do require and enjoy quite a bit of it, so. Given our entire family loves music, works in the music industry, and basically can’t live without music, it makes sense that we hook our kids up with music-themed toys, or toys that encourage independence, creativity, positive self-esteem… in a word? Dance.

Dancing is great for the soul and kids never have to be bribed into dancing. None that I know anyways. I made these  ribbon adorned wooden dancing rings that flutter and fly with movement when we were camping. Everyone at the camp wanted to know what I was up to and a couple of the bigger kids helped me out and even requested one of their own to dance with at the outdoor concert that we were all attending later that night.

So, without further ado—click through to discover how to make these lovely little Waldorf dancing rings for you own kids!

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    This requires minimal materials and time and they garner big smiles and a lot of entertainment. For both you and your children. (I mean, have you ever seen a toddler dance?) 

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    Gather all of your materials: wooden rings can be found at most craft stores. If you can't find the unfinished ones, buy the wooden shower or curtain rod ones, all 3 " in diameter. Coloured ribbon is a must. I stuck with the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) for a couple and my favourite palette at the moment; pale pink, gold, black, mint and lavender. Please note: traditional Waldorf toys are plastic and chemical-free and as natural as possible. Hence the need to find unfinished or naturally stained  rings that you could of course finish with beeswax on your own if you wished! 

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    Cut multiple strands of ribbon at your preferred length going by the height of your toddler. You don't want them tripping over and getting tangled up in their new toy! You can knot (doubled over) as many strands of ribbon as you want on your rings, however you do want to leave space for their little hands to get a firm grasp. Trim any uneven ends and gift to a little one you love. I've found my kids like one for each hand when they're dancing, twirling, waving, swirling, and jumping around.

  • Voila! 4 of 5

    Twirl away! Yes—you can too if you want. In fact, your toddler will love it if you join them.

  • In The Primary 5 of 5

    Colour options are endless and I've also seen these done with little bells tied in between the strands. Have fun!


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