Toddler Bed Head: The 15 Coolest Faux-Hawks

This is my bed head. If I brushed my hair on purpose, it wouldn't look this good.

Oh, bed head.

From the rat’s nest to the faux-hawk and the pony-tail that is almost undone, bedhead is something every human deals with.  Unless you’re bald, of course.  I’ve been blessed with never having truly awful bedhead – I pretty much wake up looking like I just rolled in the sack for a blissful romp of the maritals.

I know, I know.  I’m a lucky gal.

But my toddler sure can wake up with all ends of his blonde hair sticking out!  Sometimes it’s flat in the back & spiked on the sides; other times he wakes up with a Donald Trump comb-over to the left.  I guess it all depends on how he sleeps the previous night and since we send the kiddo to bed with wet hair, we can always count on needing a hairbrush and maybe a little hair gel in the morning.

Here’s 15 cuties (sent in by readers like you!) that need a little hair spray and juice to get their morning’s started right:

  • Hallie and The Hair. 1 of 15
    Hallie and The Hair.
    If you look up "bedhead" in the dictionary, you'll find this picture.
  • Bed head cutie 2 of 15
    Bed head cutie
    This Annie knows that tomorrow's not a day's here! & she's got the hair to prove it!
  • Asa & McQueen are awake for the day. 3 of 15
    Asa & McQueen are awake for the day.
    They're just not quite that excited for it yet.
  • Priorities! 4 of 15
    This cutie puts on shoes before brushing her hair. I hear you, sister-friend.
  • The faux-hawk. 5 of 15
    The faux-hawk.
    Cannon rocks the spikes.
  • Even pig-tails get messy! 6 of 15
    Even pig-tails get messy!
    But Elizabeth still looks darling, no?
  • The Jack Attack is Back! 7 of 15
    The Jack Attack is Back!
    Or maybe his hair is attacking him?
    Libbi isn't quite ready for the flash. But her hair is ready for a flash mob.
  • The Cutest Mop o’ Ginger 9 of 15
    The Cutest Mop o' Ginger
    I just love Mav's read hair, especially when it's ruffled after sleep!
  • A Mop Of Curls 10 of 15
    A Mop Of Curls
    I don't envy the momma that has to tame these curls in the morning!
  • Spike. 11 of 15
    Yep, Ty David has it going on.
  • Tiny bed head! 12 of 15
    Tiny bed head!
    Samantha has the cutest little bedhead.
  • Sadie’s Wild Hair 13 of 15
    Sadie's Wild Hair
    This girl rocks one heck of a bed head!
  • Oh, man! I have to wake up now? 14 of 15
    Oh, man! I have to wake up now?
    Homeboy and his hair aren't quite ready.
  • Must recharge before brushing hair. 15 of 15
    Must recharge before brushing hair.
    It's okay, kid. I have to have coffee before I fix my hair.

All photos used by permission from families.

Beth Anne writes words & takes pictures on The Heir to Blair.

You can also find her on the TwittersFacebook.

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