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For holiday suckers like me, there’s no better time of year. The mister wasn’t always such a huge fan and ever since we’ve started our young family…I’d like to think I’ve had something to do with his forced gentle coercion over from Scrooge-dom to all that is jolly and good.

It could be worse.


It’s not like I’m torturing him or anything. The best part is watching him actually enjoy it all through our young childrens’ eyes. This year we’ve hit the big-time in that. Wyndham just turned 3 and Abby — well, I don’t think she really knows what all of this Santa business is about, but she sure knows not to touch the tree and LOVES her some Santa and reindeer hat/prop action.

That’s my girl.

Oh, but Wyndham. This is the first year that he is fully engaged into all of this awesome. He talks incessantly and excitedly about Santa coming, howls with delight over all of the twinkling lights bedecking the homes on our block and literally claps his hands with glee every-time I introduce a new (to him) tradition revolving around the holidays.

Kid just can’t get enough and neither can I. This is the stuff I’ve been waiting for. This is the magic that I’m going to revel in. Now and when they’re grown and gone. These are most of the traditions that turn my holiday crank...what are yours?

  • Santa Claus Parade 1 of 25
    Santa Claus Parade
    Every year we go to the big one in the city (Toronto) and meet up with the g-rents, aunties, uncles and cousins and take up about 1/2 a mile of pavement. Best parade ever.
  • Photo Opps 2 of 25
    Photo Opps
    This particular shot is money. Right by the tree. Why would I try to finagle them into sitting still and smiling pretty(ish) with sugar-laden bribery anywhere else? Last year and this year. What's with this children that grow thing?
  • A New Tradition… 3 of 25
    A New Tradition...
    The advent. This year was a tad bit tardy -- but who cares? These toddlers, they have no idea. I mean, there's chocolate involved. I've started my day off as the best person/mommy ever, every day in December so far.
    I'm so doing this again next year.
  • Kiss Kiss 4 of 25
    Kiss Kiss
    Underneath the mistletoe, that's right. This year I lifted Wyndham up to help hang it and of course he was curious as to why? What? But whyyyy? I then promptly kiss-attacked him and explained it all -- and do thus so every time we pass under it. Good kissing times for all. Even Abby has clued in and stands underneath it, humming with her lips puckered out (her sign for wanting kisses). I mean, REALLY, right?
  • Yea. So THIS Happened… 5 of 25
    Yea. So THIS Happened...
    Would someone please tell Lemmy that Movember is over. PLEASE? Also, yes -- he is wearing my purse, we definitely busted a sweat pulling this off and we obviously bribed our children with suckers to even set foot on the platform without screaming bloody murder. Was it magical? Yep. Don't even try and tell me otherwise.
  • My Favourite 6 of 25
    My Favourite
    Decking the halls. I'm pretty traditional when it comes to my holiday trimming styles and I love every second of it. Full on.
  • Because OBVIOUSLY 7 of 25
    Because OBVIOUSLY
    Not gonna lie. We're on holiday sized bottle number 2 over here. Disgraceful. I know.
  • Crafty Wench 8 of 25
    Crafty Wench
    Every year I make a new wreath, and knit most of the men I love a scarf... because I enjoy it. So there.
  • Baking Frenzy 9 of 25
    Baking Frenzy
    I pull a couple of near all-nighters, but you can bet I get it all done. Tins of cookies are a big part of how we gift to our neighbours and a small one goes in our friends' and families' gift baskets with other homemade goodies. Because I'm kind of domesticated like that. And whut.
  • At Least One Snowman Will Get Built 10 of 25
    At Least One Snowman Will Get Built
    Granted...this was the first time Wyndham took an active interest in helping out, Abby however was having none of it. Apparently snowsuits suck for mobility when one has small/short chubby appendages. She sat in the snow and kicked up a fuss until I beckoned for her aunty to come and get her.
  • The First & Last Time 11 of 25
    The First & Last Time
    Oh, I was all about making traditional, old-school garland this year. Never again...oh, never again. Took forever and the popcorn garland? Constantly nibbled on by Abby until I took it down. She literally kept walking up to the tree with her hands behind her back like she was bobbing for apples, face in the tree and biting at the garland. No one wants their toddler munching on days old popcorn. #FAIL
  • Pie Procession 12 of 25
    Pie Procession
    Whether I'm hosting or contributing to the spread elsewhere - I'm usually the apple pie lady.
  • Tree Trimming 13 of 25
    Tree Trimming
    Shocking, I know. Neither of the kids were involved in decorating it this year, we're thinking next year is Wyndham's time. I will confess to being a tad bit regulatory when it comes to the execution of said decorations. It's just that I have a vision, ya feel me? I know I'm not the only one. But hey, at least the lights on my tree are coloured and blinky. I used to be a devout warm white light gal, but made the compromise over to coloured for that reindeer in the corner. You know, the one who hates Christmas. (#LIES).
  • Wyndham’s 1st Ornament 14 of 25
    Wyndham's 1st Ornament
    Many of our ornaments are handmade, specifically Native made, like this little deer-skin miniature hand drum. Love!
  • Handmade by Moi 15 of 25
    Handmade by Moi
    Little plush birdies and owls, a running theme in decor for our tree.
  • Peppermint Mocha Latte 16 of 25
    Peppermint Mocha Latte
    Remember that irish cream a few slides back? Well that goes in this and my heart sings hallelujah.
  • If You Love Them… 17 of 25
    If You Love Them...
    Put a Santa hat on them. Am I right, or am I right?
  • Winter Solstice Ceremonies & Celebration 18 of 25
    Winter Solstice Ceremonies & Celebration
    We take winter solstice seriously around here. Beginning with traditional Native ceremonies, followed by a feast and onwards to participate in an amazing Festival of Lights.
  • Sledding 19 of 25
    We do live in the great white north of Canada. Might as well embrace it.
  • Hot Chocolate… 20 of 25
    Hot Chocolate...
    Makes an almost daily appearance around here this time of year. This being Wyndham's first year having it at all! Topped with marshmallows of course.
  • Dress-Up 21 of 25
    Like I need an excuse to put a bow-tie and dapper hat on my little sweetheart. It's not like I'll get away with it forever.
  • Absolutely Mandatory 22 of 25
    Absolutely Mandatory
    Clearly just for the mister and I. (Who won't admit how much he actually enjoys it). I watch it once with him and once with a couple of my girls. Good Gourd I love this movie. SO MUCH.
    Get it from Amazon, $7.49
  • Classic Viewing 23 of 25
    Classic Viewing
    It doesn't get much better than these claymation holiday classics. Total nostalgia here for me...I get all warm and fuzzy taking in how smitten Wyndham and Abby are with watching them!
    Get it from Amazon, $23.99
  • Hosting 24 of 25
    We take turns within the families each year. This year? I'm hosting twice. On the 21st and the 23rd. Two twenty pound, local birds and a bevy of other culinary delights. Do I love hosting? Obviously. Am I a glutton for punishment? Maybe. To be fair the first one is more of a pot-luck. So. It's not ALL up to us.
  • Caroling 25 of 25
    So. I'm going to be honest about this one here. As much as I love the holidays, I've never been one for caroling. It literally gives me the heebie-jeebies. No idea why, just stating the facts. But the mister's family loves it, and well, they're all professional musicians and stuff, so yeah, it's cute. They're quite serious about it too. I mean, they have a handmade collection of caroling books and stuff. That stuff's for real.


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