Toddler Clothes Set Bad Example

Ugh! Really Gymboree?

Here we go again right?

Clothes for our kids which encourage gender stereotypes to live on our society. One we have been trying to break for women… well forever!

Now Gymboree is jumping on the bandwagon with their Smart like Dad and Pretty Like Mommy t-shirts. Yet in the same line of clothing there is nothing along the lines of handsome like Dad or intelligent like mommy.

I don’t know about you, but I am worth more than my looks in our family, and I certainly want my daughter to feel the same way as she grows up. I don’t want her to feel like she has to be pretty, or make an effort to do more to change her appearance so she can live up to t-shirt stereotypes.

Same goes for my boys, of course they are handsome like their daddy, and they are incredibly smart, but I don’t want their clothing to teach them they can be smart while their little sister is going to have to be a super model to get through life.

Maybe I am just looking into these shirts way more than I should be, but come on Gymboree! How about we start getting some shirts that encourage little girls to go to college, and get great grades? Do more than just be pretty.

Of course we should encourage them to take care of themselves, and I absolutely love to feel pretty, but there is also a brain in my head! Just like most women!

What do you think about the growing trend of child clothing along these lines?

photo: gymboree


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