The Day Farts Stopped Being Funny

So, maybe the title of this post makes you cringe, because perhaps don’t think farts ever merit a laugh?

Well, in our home, when one of our babies lets one, a few chuckles usually follow. Maybe we’re childish, or crude, or maybe we’re a lot like your family.

To be clear, using the word fart thirty times in a blog post isn’t really my idea of a good time, but let’s call it what it is, shall we?

As we can surely agree, the goal is to become a little more discreet about our burps and farts as we mature. I realized recently that my toddler has started using his farts as a weapon. Yes, I said a weapon.

My toddler generally has great manners. His pleases, thank you’s, and excuse me’s are right on point, but due to the laughter that his bodily functions have garnered in the past, he doesn’t quite grasp yet that louder isn’t necessarily better, and farting on people is well — not really that funny anymore.

I mean, it’s still kind of funny, right? Clearly, the child doesn’t have a chance with two parents who think kid-farts are mildly hilarious.

The farting is becoming more deliberate, and even though we try not to laugh, and have explained that he needs to say, “Excuse me!”, instead of “Did you hear that big one!”, it just isn’t getting through at this point.

Moms, is farting just one of those boy things? Do you try to keep a straight face when your little one farts?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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