Toddler Fashion File: Retro Cuties!

What’s old is new again in the world of fashion, and children’s clothing is no exception.

With vintage-inspired prints and fun new twists on old patterns, your kiddo can look like she stepped out of a generation gone by.

I love dressing my daughter in my old clothes. Not only is it sentimental but I personally love the late-70’s styles that I sported as a little girl. Unfortunately we were only able to salvage a handful of my old dresses and rompers but I’ve found some great Etsy shops that specialize in retro toddler fashion.

These styles are a great alternative to the cookie-cutter clothing options available in major stores. From 60’s mod to old-fashioned party dresses, there are so many classic options that still look great today. They’re fun to mix and match with more contemporary pieces, as well.

Take a peek- see what I found!

  • Fun Frock 1 of 12
    Fun Frock
    I love this cheerful little dress that's an updated form of a vintage pattern.
    Find it here: Little Ticket/Etsy
  • 60’s Style 2 of 12
    60's Style
    Sassy and cute, this 60's style dress would be an adorable alternative to today's styles.
    Find it here: Faith Works 4 U/Etsy
  • Vintage-Inspired Skirt 3 of 12
    Vintage-Inspired Skirt
    The detail at the hem of this vintage-inspired skirt gives it an added bit of flair.
    Find it here: Girly Girly Productions/Etsy
  • Nostalgic Print 4 of 12
    Nostalgic Print
    This western-theme print looks like it could be an illustration in a 1950's children's book.
    Find it here: Little Hatchlings/Etsy
  • Little Deer 5 of 12
    Little Deer
    This is a great piece to pair with a more modern item- it's so cheerful and sweet.
    Find it here: Josie Kat's Trunk/Etsy
  • Sweet Treat Skirt 6 of 12
    Sweet Treat Skirt
    The print on this adorable skirt depicts every child's dream- a candy shop!
    Find it here: Katrina Spencer/Etsy
  • One for the Fellas 7 of 12
    One for the Fellas
    Boys can get in on the vintage fun too. I love this retro "helping Daddy" romper.
    Find it here: Emu Enfant/Etsy
  • 1950’s Style Daisy Smock 8 of 12
    1950's Style Daisy Smock
    Does this come in my size? Because I love it!
    Find it here: Little Ticket/Etsy
  • Sailor Shorts 9 of 12
    Sailor Shorts
    I love these high-waisted sailor-style shorts. They're kicky and fun.
    Find it here: Hootie Cutie/Etsy
  • Pants Made to be Played In! 10 of 12
    Pants Made to be Played In!
    Those pockets are perfect for all of your little guy's finds: matchbox cars, rocks, maybe a frog or two?
    Find it here: Laken & Lila/Etsy
  • Ruffled Bib Dresses 11 of 12
    Ruffled Bib Dresses
    I adore this 70's inspired bib dress! Can't you imagine Cindy Brady wearing this?
    Find it here: Faith Works 4 U/Etsy
  • Versatile Shift Dress 12 of 12
    Versatile Shift Dress
    I'm in love with the simple cut and cheerful colors in this shift.
    Find it here: The Cottage Mama/Etsy

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