Toddler Fashion File, Suspenders Edition

Looking dapper in suspenders!

As soon as I’d passed the first trimester mark in my first pregnancy I did what a lot of expectant moms do: I visited the baby stores to check out the adorable clothes and fantasize about my baby wearing them.

The onesies.

The itty-bitty baby jeans.

The pink and frilly, the blue and boyish.

It didn’t take long for me to notice that offerings for boys were, well, a tad disappointing. The baby girls’ clothes were just a whole lot cuter than the clothes for baby boys.

As it turned out, with two boys and a girl I eventually learned this secret: while clothing for girls are effortlessly cute and there’s plenty of variety, boys’ clothes can be just as cute as long as you have a little imagination.

In other words, it’s all about the accessories.

One of my current favorites to see toddler boys in are suspenders. Come to think of it, toddler girls can rock a pair as well. They transform toddler clothing basics- jeans, while t shirts, and khakis- into pulled together outfits for all kinds of occasions. Dressy events. Holidays. Family photos and first days of preschool. They’re a little unexpected and a lot cute.

Here’s a roundup of some suspender options for boys and girls. Enjoy!

  • Preppy Classic 1 of 10
    Preppy Classic
    This is a fun look for a dressy occasion!
    Photo Credit: Apple & Ivy/Etsy
  • Business in the Front… 2 of 10
    Business in the Front...
    This little gal looks adorable in her rainbow suspenders. I had a pair like this in kindergarten!
    Photo Credit: Liam and Lyla/Etsy
  • …Party in the Back 3 of 10
    ...Party in the Back
    The orange flower adds an unexpected detail in the back that any toddler would love!
    Photo Credit: Liam and Lyla/Etsy
  • A Modern Spin 4 of 10
    A Modern Spin
    The trendy colors give these suspenders a bit of modern flair.
    Photo Credit: Me and Matilda/Etsy
  • Casual and Cute 5 of 10
    Casual and Cute
    I love this look! It really shows how versatile suspenders are with even casual outfits.
    Photo Credit: eeme Coture/Etsy
  • Fun with Lime 6 of 10
    Fun with Lime
    These lime green suspenders give a basic white tee a whole new look.
    Photo Credit: Sunshine Smiles Life/Etsy
  • For the Younger Crew 7 of 10
    For the Younger Crew
    If your little guy isn't big enough for the real deal, this faux suspender shirt is the perfect thing!
    Photo Credit: Clover Threads/Etsy
  • Dapper Dude 8 of 10
    Dapper Dude
    I die.
    Photo Credit: Sew Simply Sweet Shop/Etsy
  • Glitter Girl 9 of 10
    Glitter Girl
    If that last slide hadn't killed me this one would have done the job. So sassy!
  • A Touch of Tangerine 10 of 10
    A Touch of Tangerine
    This shade of orange is so great for spring and summer.
    Photo Credit: Petite Peanut/Etsy

Mary Lauren Weimer is a social worker turned mother turned writer. Her blog, My 3 Little Birds, encourages moms to put down the baby books for a moment and tell their own stories. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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