6 “Games” to Trick Your Toddler into Doing What You Want

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Image Source: Thinkstock

Your toddler is a ball of enthusiasm, creativity, and insanity — I mean boundless energy. Why not take advantage of this winning combination by coming up with some “games” that can actually help you multitask? Because we all know that nap-time isn’t when you do chores, it’s when you eat potato chips and surf the Internet like any respectable mother. Reality TV is another admirable option. But back to the “games” …

1. Jungle waterfall (AKA: taking a shower)

Put some stuffed animals around the bathroom and play the soundtrack to The Lion King. Bam! You have tricked your toddler into taking a shower with you, meaning there will be no bath-time fight tonight. Also, you’re clean, which is a victory unto itself.

2. Whooo’s in the crawlspace? (AKA: organizing the attic)

If you have any haunted-looking places in your home that you really ought to organize (i.e. attic, basement, closet), don’t wait until your toddler is asleep. Instead, turn that attic organization into a fun game where your toddler is a ghost and you’re a witch with a green complexion and bags under her eyes. Sorry, I know, that was a bit too close to home after the past two nights of midnight wakings and bed-sharing.

3. Ice skating (AKA: mopping the floors)

Do your floors look like someone didn’t mop them for 18 months? That’s because your daughter is 1 ½ and you still haven’t found the time! So strap some Swiffer cloths to your toddler’s feet and let her loose on the hardwood. Join in yourself! God knows it’s the closest you’ve gotten to actual exercise this year.

4. Trash man (AKA: cleaning out toys)

In this fun and creative game, your toddler walks around with a bin and chucks everything into it that she doesn’t want. Then, you throw all that damn stuff out. Fun! Oh, and donate anything that your toddler didn’t chew on and destroy, meaning that one doll that cost you $50 that she played with once.

5. Party planner (AKA: setting the table)

Here, your toddler gets to plan out a party with you. Set out cups, pretty matching plates, cloth napkins, and silverware. Then have your toddler make special decorations. Surprise! The party is actually dinner. Your husband won’t know what hit him when the table is actually set like it used to be before you had kids.

6. Sleeping Beauty (AKA: taking a nap)

If your daughter gets into her princess outfit and lays very still in bed, the Prince will come and kiss her awake. This game will coincidentally be played at nap-time. What? Of course not, there are no ulterior motives to speak of. Yup, just lay there. He only comes if you close your eyes and wait, completely quietly without moving. Now Mommy’s just going to go downstairs for a second. No, he’s coming. Trust me.

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