Toddler Lingerie… WHAT?!

Just when I thought there was nothing more out there that could shock me, I stumble across toddler lingerie.   Yes… put those two words together… toddler and lingerie.  WHAT?!

Am I the only one whose brain almost completely imploded at the mere thought of toddlers being encouraged to wear lingerie?  Hell, at 26 I still don’t do it, and I would be damned if I let my toddler wear it!


Ok, now that I got my irrational screaming out… yes this is actually for real. A french company had launched a lingerie line targeted at your little ones. The company in question, Jours Apres Lunes caters to adults, but is not expanding their lines to infant clothing, and matching toddler lingerie, as well as skimpy clothing and underwear for your little girls.

Let me tell you, as a mother, I would never let my little girl wear the lingerie they have listed on their website for sale.

It is beyond just the fact that it is completely inappropriate, but I mean… what kind of company would think about marketing a product along these lines?

Maybe I am the odd man out here by thinking this line is completely inappropriate for kids this age.  Your run of the mill Hanes kids underwear with cartoon characters are just fine for young kids. Skip the lace and half shirts… PLEASE parents!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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